Chapter 8- Julia

Chapter 8


“I love you Julia, I’m in love with you.” Yeah, I heard it correctly. Ryan loves me. I felt my heart bursting with need for him, I needed him to know how I felt about him, how much I had been needing him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, slowly pulling his head down to meet mine. I was only an inch away from his lips. My stomach filled with butterflies, overwhelming me with lust and desire. I needed this. “Kiss me” I breathed. His lips crashed down on to mine, as cliché as it was, I felt everything fall into place. They say that when you meet the one made for you, you felt it in the first kiss. I really could feel it. Everything washed away, every thought, every feeling, just vanished. There was nothing else but this kiss. It was perfect. We carried on kissing, slowly, tasting each other. His kisses were perfect. I could feel the butterflies were now doing backflips and somersaults

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Melissa Wilson
Wow, he's really suppose to be 16 years old?
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Leslie Dean
That was ūüĒ•!! ūüíěūü•į

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