Chapter 15

Another week passed and Audrey tried to manage the morning sickness she had every day. She knew the change of mood was beyond her control, but she couldn’t help feeling sorry for her Nanny Esther who’s taking care of her, especially her cravings for non-seasonal fruits and foods she usually did not like in the past.

She decided to tell her husband, but Shane was occupied with work as the show he’s in was almost done. Audrey thought it would be fine, she could tell him next time until her mother-in-law paid a visit and suggested something that could help her.

“Hija. I am truly ashamed of my son,” Mrs. Vargas said with her head down. “I’ve already talked to his father about this. The thing he did on your wedding day five years ago made his old man furious. He was lucky to be forgiven after what he did and even got to marry you but he just ruined his last chance.” She smiled sadly and held her hands.

“So we’ve decided, we’ll disown our son from now on.”

Audrey was surprised but later laug
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Dee Anthoney
we want more chapters
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Betty Espinal
Hey are you going to update this book oh we are just waist time and money? Please be more considerate with us. If something is happening just let us know we will understand
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Shan Nel
Whoaaaaaa I left hanging. Please have an update dearest author.............I really love the story very much. ...

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