Chapter Ten

My dreams were getting worse and draining me.. today was Thursday and I was tired as fuck like the past three days.

I slowly got up and went to the bathroom. I hated how my head worked, how I would dream about this over and over again once I start putting it back in my head.

I tried to talk on Monday and Wednesday after school but I just couldn't. I ended up crying.. she asked if he hits me and I nodded... she just hugged me and told me it will be okay and she'll always be here.. I was glad she didn't ask further than that. I don't think I was ready to tell her what my "father" did to me.

I bathed and fixed myself. I was very tired of waking up and then trying to go back to sleep. I hardly slept.

"You look like a zombie..." my sister said when I joined them downstairs and I rolled my eyes, "you look like an expired Barbie..."

She frowned, "mommmm..."


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