Chapter Twenty Seven


I opened my eyes slowly and she was right here cuddled up to me. I felt like I was dreaming. Last night felt like a dream. She almost cried.. she was emotional.


I was way more emotional I even cried.

I felt a bit empty, like I had given myself to her. She had all of me now and it was the most terrifying thing ever since well.. you know the circumstances we are in.

I sighed and wondered what time it was now. I was sooo fucken lazy to move because I was definitely going to wake her up. She was so cute sleeping. Call me creepy, but darn I stared at her and smiled. Feeling thia rush in me.

I loved Valentia there just was no any other way to describe this. With her I felt whole and complete.

This was crazy strange.. how she walked into my life three months ago a bitch and today I couldn't go a day without thinking about her..

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