Chapter 6

We have just arrived home after spending almost the entire day at the meeting with the council members. I knew I had to see this day, no matter how much I told myself that I would have move on because I didn't have a mate, my heart refused to listen and co-operate with me. Now to top it off I really have to look for a bride, I don't think I wanted that, but what other option did I have?

I thought I would go on a trip to all the packs once again like I did a year ago, maybe this time I can find my mate, but who will leave the pack to? As per werewolf laws, every wolf get an opportunity to go around visiting packs in hopes of finding their mate. I did that too, but I never found my mate, I tried telling myself that maybe my mate wasn't of age, but it did nothing to help the thought that I probably didn't have one.

I sighed cursing under my breath as I walked into my office with Elvin right behind me, the pack house was entirely empty reminding

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