Wake up

The tendrils of gray smoke whirled ferociously around her and they extended like whips. Penny walked towards Haley. A storm of ice and wind and debris swirled making it impossible for anyone to stand near her. She was consumed with so much hatred for the witch that she didn’t  where it began—from the fact that she showed Zoe dreams of gaining Goddess-hood or from the fact that she made Zoe a tool for her means. And Zoe—she became a menace in their lives. Her ambitions surpassed her logic. She couldn’t think of anything beyond herself and the toxicity she threw towards her or at Ludwig was fed by this witch. Haley was the root of the menace, she was the root of all evil. 

The smoky tendrils lashed out. 

“Penny!” Brishor shouted when he saw her. “You must control!” 

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goodnovel comment avatar
It’s so sweet! I love how she is able to hear all of this going around her!
goodnovel comment avatar
Lakeshia Smith
Can’t wait to see him as an alpha daddy to their babies LOL one and one Lil lud and Lil penny
goodnovel comment avatar
Lakeshia Smith
The heart knows when it’s real the tried to fake him out but penny is his true queen keep it coming wake her up give us life LOL

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