Desperate to get her back, he squeezed her tightly in her arms, too tightly. She whimpered. 

“Penny!” he sounded excited even at her whimper. That meant she responded to him. He wanted to embrace her tightly again in his arms, but he stopped himself because he knew that he would crush her. “My baby…” she called her back. “I can’t— I can’t—” he swallowed his saliva but he choked on his words. I can’t live without you—he meant to say. 

Darkness again. 

“It is the fourth day and she is still not awake!” Ludwig was shouting at Tova. “What kind of a healer are you?” 

Tova popped his ear and scowled at him. Not answering him, he looked at his thick journal

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I hope they have many babies together and more in the future.. Ludwig and Penny are absolutely adorable 😌😍

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