Graduating from University abroad, I came home to my country.   I started my business right away as capital money to start my business was not a problem for someone coming from a rich family.   I was able to start my company in Metropolitan City and was successful in a year.   In two years' time, my company became well-known in the business world of the big city.   I was in a sort of so busy expanding the business that I had never gone back home, my family came to visit me every month, so there was no reason for going home.

I decided to take a week's vacation to go home to my hometown.   I left the company under my private assistant to look after.   I drove for five hours, stopping for some time to rest at some restaurant on the expressway.   Lots of things running on my mind, a little excited about something I'm not sure which.

Along the way on the highway, and passing through the road to my hometown I was already amazed by so many changes.   As I arrived at the big "welcome" entrance of our town, I felt happy being back.  The fresh air of the wide fields and plantation welcome me, a beautiful sight to see, so tranquil and mesmerizing natural beauty which I had not seen for a long time as I am in a city for a long period.

My first day was exhausting as I traveled for five hours.   I stayed home for the day, relaxed, and spent time with my family, chat and laugh, I tried to bond with my little brother as I had not had enough time before when they come to the city to visit me.   My brother Luis was twelve years younger than me.  

"Lexter you should be visiting our businesses and might as well start managing now as your Mama and I wanted to retire now.   It is time for us to relax and travel where we want to go," my father said.

"Dad you're still young, you can still manage it.   I have my company to take care of," I said to my father.

"What?   We want to retire now that you had successfully put up your business.   We want to travel as we are still strong to do that.   Time for you to handle the business here in the Province.   I have to enjoy life while still strong with your Mama," Don Luciano exclaimed.

"What about me Papa?  You can not leave me alone here," Luis asked sadly.

"Luis, you are already big.   You can already take care of yourself alone beside you don't have to worry about many things as we have many servants to take care of you and a bodyguard.   Your brother started by himself in a far place during his high school while you, you are in our town, so you don't have to worry about your safety at all," Don Luciano explained to Luis.   "Stop being clingy to your Mama," Don Luciano added.

My brother pouted his mouth and keep quiet.  

"I'm here Luis, you will not be totally alone." I coaxed him.  "Maybe, you come with us today to visit the farms and plantations."

"Alright, I like that," Luis said happily.

After eating breakfast, we head out to the plantations and farms that were just in our hometown.  We also visited my grandparents, aunties, and uncles' families.   It was exhausting but was enjoyable as I see a lot of changes in my hometown, it had progressed over the years.

On the following days, still roaming around but outside our town, the plantations and farms in other towns around the province were more exhausting as we started from the farthest town, taking us for three days going town to town.   

Meeting the managers of the farms and plantation, my father introduced me to all the employees.   I give a brief meeting with them on some new guidelines in the management will be given soon.

After returning home, while resting in my room, remembered Yaze whom I did not see around during my roaming in our hometown.   I stood up from the bed and look for Luis who was in the living room watching television.

"Luis, do you know Yaze Cruz?" I asked casually.

"Ohh, yes beautiful Yaze.  Why you ask?" Luis exclaimed.  I raised my eyebrows at what my brother said, "beautiful".

"I just remember her, she was my classmate when I was in elementary.  You said beautiful, is she?" I asked curiously.

"Yes, the most beautiful woman of our town," Luis blurted out with a big smile.

"Really? Where was she now?" I asked and I became excited.

"She works in the town proper, in a restaurant near the church," Luis said.

"Is she married now?" I asked but I felt my heart beat faster.

"No, she is a busy woman but she has a boyfriend from the next town," Luis exclaimed.

"Oh, I see," I said briefly but felt my heart a little hurt.   I don't know why I felt this way?

"She has a boyfriend, is he handsome like me?  Would she like me, if she sees how I look now?  Damn it, why am I even thinking about it," my thoughts running crazy after I learned she has a boyfriend.

I want to ask Luis if her boyfriend was handsome but it was too obvious that I have an interest in her.  I did not even know if I still like her when I see her again.

I tried to imagine her beautiful face when we were kids.  What I told her before that I like her to be my wife and that she was "mine."  I felt crazy thinking over these things.  I went to sleep to refresh my mind.


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