On the fifth day of my vacation, I wanted to visit the places we used to go to during my childhood most especially the riverbank.   The riverbank holds a lot of memories of my childhood as we always go swimming during weekends with Yaze and some friends.  I never expected that it would still present me with an unforgettable moment until now.

I drove the jeepney car to the riverbank.   It was still a weekday, and early in the morning so people were all busy in their homes and at works, children were at school in the town proper.  Some women doing their laundry at the riverbank shallow part.   I stopped my car and parked on the side of the dirt road, I walked heading to the side of the river where people don't often go. 

As I was nearing the riverbank, I heard the splash of water, someone was in the water, swimming maybe.  I slowly get nearer making no noise, curious,  I want to see who were there first before I show myself or maybe go another place.  I hide in the tall bushes and peeped.

I was so surprised to see a woman, swimming alone.  She was a little farther as I see her and then she swam back.  I seem to see in the clear water that she doesn't have any covering on her upper body.

"She is bold and brave enough to swim without tops mm." as I thought so.   I was so curious to see the face of the woman, so I stand a little longer to wait.

The woman facing her back towards me suddenly stood up and I was stunned.   "Wow! I blurted out softly.  She has a perfect beautiful curvy body, her skin looks smooth, and her tone muscles were great.  I widely open my eyes, enjoying the sight although it is only half of her back as from her waist down was still immersed in the water.  

I was frozen, I felt a warm flash of heat inside my body.   My excitement was on hold as I waited for her to turn around.   I know it would be more beautiful to see when she would turn around as she has nothing covering her front.   I was so eager to see her face.

"Wish she turn now," I murmured as a wish.

My wish was granted not too long, she turns around slowly and my eyes almost popped out from their socket.

"FUCK! fUCK!" I can't hold myself blurting words, murmuring softly, "DAMN IT!"  It was not my first time to see a woman's body but hers was a beauty to behold.

What a f*cking beauty goddess that just came up from underwater.   Her size C boobs were so perfect to her body, her small waist.  Clearer and clearer as she ascended from the water walking toward the riverbank nearer to my position standing behind the bushes.  She was in black panties, oh damn____ her thighs and legs were in perfect proportion to all part of her body.   "Wow!" I almost blurted it loud as I can see nearer her perfection.  My trouser became tight, a surge of heat going on my body.

She was putting on her bra, facing me and see her face clearly___ is she Yaze?  My heart beats hard, but I was not sure.   I have not seen her for so long I can only remember her child face that I love to stare at when we were kids.   

If she was Yaze, wow!  She's a perfect woman, my woman, I still claimed her mine.

I slowly walk away from the bushes and went back to my jeepney car.   I stopped for a moment, waiting for her to go up from the riverbank to the road.  I started the engine and drove off as  I see her walking now on the road in a dress showing her perfect tone legs and knees.   I slowly drive following her, as I got nearer I turn my head to see her face once more, then passed by her.

I arrived home with a little dazed mind.   I went to my room and showered as I felt my body temperature had raised up awhile ago and had not subsided as I still mesmerized by that captivating woman at the river.

The maid knocked at my bedroom door and that cut me off from my imagination moment.   My family eats together and we have fun chatting as we relaxed after dinner.   Before I went to sleep, I went to the study room and check on the business records of my father.  I need to study and make plans for managing our family business here in the Province before my parents will go traveling to enjoy their retirement.

Now, I will be having a handful of responsibilities, my own business in the Metropolitan City and our family business here.

After a while of looking at those papers, my eyes felt tired and I went to my bedroom.  I laid down, my mind drifting to the moment in the riverbank, witnessing something unforgettable.   How I wish that she was Yaze Cruz___ do I miss her??  

No way!  I haven't seen her for too long.   Maybe I just wanted to see how she looks now.   She has a boyfriend now, so I won't be interested in her if she does have a boyfriend.

I went to my bedroom, take a shower then prepared to sleep.   My mind was drifting, the imagination of the woman in the river and wishing she was Yaze.  I was with this thought until I fell asleep.

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