Two days more and I'll be off to the Metropolitan City.   I went to continue visiting plantations and farm with my father, meeting some of my elementary classmates at the plantation and farms where they work.   Most of them already married for a long time as they married early and married our classmates.   They all envied me as successful and wealthy.   Well, they came from poor families and can not dream higher, and did even married earlier so what could they achieved.  I know that even they have a dream or goal, it's hard to reach on their living status.

I continued visiting places in my hometown, field meadows, and beaches near and far for sightseeing nature and enjoying the fresh air.   I came at last to roam the town proper which I always passed by during my visitation to other places.   At the town center, all the people look or stare at me immensely and excitedly as if I am a celebrity person, living abroad and in the city, my skin was white, as half-blood Spanish my skin easily reacts to sunshine rays, pinkish or red.

"WOW! It's Senyorito Lexter Montero!  He is so handsome," girls and women scream coquettishly.

"I wish I could steal his attention, oh my gosh!" a woman blurted out.

"You wish! I'm more beautiful than you," another girl said rolling her eyes to the other woman.

I stopped beside the street and get down my jeepney car, eyes were all eyes on me.

"Hello, Senyorito Lexter," a greeting from one of the women.  I just wave my hand to them as response and they were giggling and happy.

I was planning to try to find Yaze at the restaurant my brother told me she was working in but there were three restaurants near the church.  I don't know which restaurant I should get to, I should have asked my brother the name of the restaurant, I forgot.

"BROTHER! BROTHER LEXTER!" a voice calling at my back.   I turned around and saw my brother Luis.

"Why are you here Luis?   Don't you have school today?" I asked my brother.

"It's exam day so it just half-day school," my brother said.

"Treat me for lunch, big brother! I came here to eat," Luis blurted out with excitement.

"Alright, which restaurant?" I asked for a suggestion.

"That restaurant, that's where Yaze work," Luis exclaimed, I almost forgot about Yaze.

"Oh really?  Alright, let us go in then, hope the foods are good." I said with a trace of excitement.  We get inside the restaurant, looks presentable and clean.

"Let us sit near the window," I suggested.   We found a nice area in the window and seated, waiting for the waitress.

"Big brother, your classmate Yaze look," Luis said as he looked in a direction and I followed his eyes.

I was so shocked to see the woman he was referring to, it was the woman swimming in the river yesterday.   My eyes were wide open because of my surprise and the beauty that was coming toward us.   She was gorgeous in her tight denim pants and top shirt with two unbutton buttons from the top showing her collarbones.   She walked so sexily too, her hips, her curves, and her beautiful face with no makeup was captivating.

"Hello, Senyorito Luis what's your order today?" She said greeting and looking at Luis.

"Hi Yaze! my day became great seeing you now!" my little brother flirting words and smiling great to Yaze.   My eyes on her face as she was talking with my brother.

"Ohhh, alright senyorito Luis.  What's your order then," Yaze said smiling beautifully.

"Okay, first of all, would like to introduce to you my big brother which was your classmate in elementary.  This is my big brother, Lexter," Luis introduction of me to Yaze.

"Oh, Senyorito Lexter, nice to see you again.   You are so dashingly handsome." Yaze blurted out smiling.

"Yeah, been a very long time.   How are you Yaze?" I said looking immensely at her face, her eyes, and lips, with a lip gloss.

"I'm fine, thank you, Senyorito Lexter," Yaze said briefly.   "What would you like to order?"

We ordered, and she left, looking at her back as she walks, her nice ass, got me interested now to her.   The woman in the river, mmm, great to know it was Yaze.

"Isn't she so beautiful brother?" Luis asked me as I was still staring at her as she walked back to their kitchen.

"Yeah, she is indeed beautiful," I exclaimed as my mind flew back from the scene I witness in the river, she was an aphrodite beauty.

After twenty minutes, she came back, serving the food.  She laid the foods on the table, I was still in the deep interest of staring at her body, perfect size, proportions, and skin.  Ahhh, my mind getting crazy since yesterday.

"OMG! It's Senyorito Lexter and Senyorito Luis! They are so handsome!" a girl giggled as they look at us.  Every one giggling and news spread outside the restaurant and came in other girls and women.

"Let's have the table near them, faster," another girl exclaimed.

"Gosh! Senyorito Lexter is so handsome. Let's eat here." a woman blurted out to her friends.

The restaurant suddenly was full.  The two handsome rich brothers attracted customers.   I saw my teenage little brother was all smiled and proud of being handsome. 

"You should be coming here all the time so we will have a lot of customers," Yaze said jesting the two brothers.

"Don't worry Yaze, I'll come every day from now on," Luis flirty said to Yaze.  My little brother had a crush on her, I can't blame him as she was stunning.

My attention was on Yaze while I'm eating.   Some men flirt with her while coming in and ordering their food.  She was cheerful, always wears a smile on her face.

I could hear the men addressing her "Pretty Yaze", "Beautiful", "Cutie", all staring at her body but they were respectful to her.  That gives me the thought that she was indeed the most beautiful woman in our hometown.

Luis called her after we were done eating, I give her a good tip.

"Thank you for the tip, senyoritos," she said smiling.  "Welcome back to our hometown again, Senyorito Lexter," she added as she looked at me.

"You're welcome Yaze," I said and smile back, looking at her eye to eye but snap away immediately.

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