10_ Fake Fiance

“Fuck, what am I going to do Wesley?” Leo ran a frustrated hand over his hair. They were in the spacious living room in his apartment. The escort he had hired as his fake fiancée had not shown up. As it is, he was pretty much late for the family gathering.

After his talk with Alberto in the hotel, Leo had put a call to Wesley for help. His friend had in turn put a call to his other friends, who had released the names of some reputable agencies.

It had taken him two whole days to find what he was looking for. The girl had been elegant, beautiful and pleasing to the eye and could easily pass as someone he could date.

Everything had been going fine. He had paid for her dresses, debriefed her on the matter at hand. Requested for her measurement in order to order for extra new clothes. All she had to do was remember what she had been told, look

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