11_ Fake Fiance II

“If I do, my sister will have me where she wants me. Rosa is very greedy,” Leo said. “She has been heading the company for eighteen years. It's only right she should step down for me to complete the other half, as has been agreed on. But from what I have heard she intends to remain there. And for her to succeed, she would have to shine a bright light on my irresponsibility. Focus on my flaws and make sure everybody is of the idea I can't handle the company as she can.”

“If that's the case, can't you think of someone else who might fit into that role.”

“What do you mean?” Leo mumbled coming to sit across Wesley on the double row white couch fighting the urge to turn his wristwatch over and check the time. Well aware time was running…and it was running pretty fast.

“Like a past girlfriend. A woman you've had a fling with?”

A thought crossed Leo's face, but he dismissed it at onc
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