Dawson's POV,

"Dawson you stay with me," Luca said as we approached the large house hidden in the mountain. Dalton was being smart. The place was covered with men and guns. The back was fenced off with a six-foot wood fence. We all stayed quiet, all twenty-eight of us. By the looks of it. We had them outnumbered. No one was allowed to go until Luca made the call. This was going t be an ambush. We all crept down watching everything. Just then Dalton came out the front door. He walked to one of the pillars and land against it. We watched as he lit up a smoke.

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Lex88 Salvator
who got shot dont let it be Dawson I like him I was hoping she would be with him since the day they where staging in the safe house now I'm torn between him and luca, not only that she can't still be married to Dalton she married him under a fake name not her birth name so she's not his wife

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