Chapter 15


"Hello there Tori." The new receptionist grinned.

"Hey Jaycee." Tori smiled in return, "Is my Dad in the back?"

Jaycee had just recently graduated highschool, and her parents practically begged for their daughter to apprentice under the pack doctor.

"Sure is." Jaycee nodded, "Go on through, he's not busy at the moment."

My fingers twitched irritably, and I glanced over at my brother. While I relented and let Kade have a turn holding Aurora, I was already beginning to miss her.

Twin's were exceedingly rare in the werewolf community, making Kade and I a medical anomaly. While Kade happened to be a few minutes older than I, the two of us shared the role of Alpha. We had spent out entire lives sharing things. The only thing we refused to share was women. Kade and I had never found a woman worth sharing, someone we both couldn't part with.

Our parents were at a standstill. It was clear Kade
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goodnovel comment avatar
nancy simpson
I can't wait till she finds out
goodnovel comment avatar
Ronnie D. Reed
I think Aurora 's father is a werewolf I believe that's how the twins end up being mated to her
goodnovel comment avatar
Angelia Steiner
I love this book so far

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