Chapter Two


It’s the first day of senior year and I’m going to be late. I woke up early today and have been excited about going back to school. I had plans for my final year and couldn’t wait to be done with Kingsville Academy.

But things aren’t going the way I expected them to go.

My car's tires were currently slashed, My front and back mirrors broken, the seats were stained with wine, and a sharp metal was used to write “ugly bitch, die ” boldly on the four sides of the car, plus some other profane words. I had a good idea who the culprit was, considering the fact that Kevin threw his 19th birthday party yesterday night.

It was huge and a whole lot of personal were invited. I had an official invitation from his father as a resident of the house but decided not to go. It would have been fun seeing him scowl at me during the party but my fear of him somehow finding me alone had prevented me from going. Instead I had curled myself in bed with my ‘good novel’ app.

Anyway, back to the car, I knew it wasn’t Kevin since he was too high and mighty to do it himself. He might have ordered some minions of his to do the dirty work. Probably the cheer squad. They seemed validation from him too much and he was voted most wanted in their cheers secrets round table.

They do those silly things.

Since that first day that he had declared me an outcast freshman year, he had never talked to me again.We will just glare at each other from afar until I gave in and look away. I could never match that intense chilling dark eyes that was specially reserved for me.The snide comments, Public humiliation, False rumors and locker thrashings were left to his minions. I never ever went to the main house on no account for fear that I may meet him alone. Who knows what that psycho was capable of?

He would probably strike me dead on sight and say he thought I was a robber.


I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and took it out.

Uncle: Sorry Sweetie . Something urgent just came up at work. I can’t come to pick you up. I already asked Hunter if he could come pick you and he said yes. I’ll have the mechanic come to check your car later. Xoxo

Me: Sure I’ll do just that.

Don’t worry

Aunt Rosa didn’t know that Hunter and I were far from friends. I didn’t want to tell her about the bullying and all that because she was working for his dad after all. What was she going to do ?

Ask him to stop and if he doesn’t she’ll quit the Job ?

Yeahhh No, thank you.

I can’t afford to jeopardize our source of income by antagonizing Hunter in her eyes. I hadn’t told her my car was thrashed by Hunter’s minions.

I'd only told her that, I’d gotten a puncture and it wasn’t starting.

I’ll find some way to pay the mechanic the extra cost for spraying, buying new tires and all that.

But for now I’m just going to have to make do with the bus.

Because this was a rich neighborhood, the bus scarcely passed here. I had to walk all the way to the junction in hopes of catching it.

Scarcely had I taken a few steps out of the mansion before a black Lamborghini came to a screeching halt in front of me.

Hunter’s Car. The limited edition 2021 Lamborghini. He got it for his birthday yesterday. The lucky jack ass.

Leave it to the asshole jerk to drive a fast Italian car.

“Get in !” His deep hoarse voice said smoothly giving me goosebumps. I have managed to avoid Kevin during the whole vacation by going out of my house if only he was inside the mansion. That was hard because he was always at the pool with Xander and another of his friends, Asher.

He was wearing the school Uniform with the tie hanging loosely. The shirt hugging his muscles like a second skin. His collar was up And his hair was looking like he had just rolled out of bed. Well, even if I hated him I had to admit he was one very good looking bastard.

He was hot for sure.

Stop checking out the enemy!!!

I internally chastised myself.

“See something you like ?” he taunted with a smirk, feeling cocky.

Damn it. He caught me checking him out. I used to look down at girls who drooled over him and I was just doing the same thing just now. I could feel the heat coursing up my cheeks.

Don’t you dare blush. Kayla

“No.In fact, I was thinking of what bleach to use to wash the disgusting image of you out of my eyes.” I lie.

“Sure you were. I totally believe you.” He said sarcastically.

He was acting too calm. I expected him to run me over with the car for saying something like that to his face.

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