Chapter 3: My Fake Girlfriend?

Vince’s POV

“It’s not accessible to bear, Vince. I know you loved her. Maybe she loved you too. But then again, she Was probably more eager to become Luna than to accept an Omega.”, Hailey said. 

I didn’t say anything because, Inside me, I was a mess realizing that it was hard to accept it.  Hailey might be right.

“Now...before you hear this news from somewhere else. I have to break this bad news because I want to make this easier for you. You have to know, Vince. The sooner, the better.” I looked at Her like she just grew an extra head. 

I didn’t get what she was about to say. She was staring at me wearily. I could tell that she was measuring me, weighting what my reaction was going to be to Something that she said…or worse...something that he was just about to say.

I raised a brow at her in a challenge. This gave her encouragement to continue. She sighed. “After a week of Alpha’s Ceremony. Your parents and mine decided to keep Luna Ceremony. And just because everyone thinks that you have rejected Rachel. Alpha Damien said she commanded that you Have to attend this ceremony.” She broke the news.

I was mad. I was furious. I was getting out of control. I was shaking and raging with anger. I knew I might begin hyperventilating any minute if I didn’t calm down. I was losing it.

“He cannot do this to me.”, I grumbled in a soft yell. “I need to talk with my father. He should still feel some affection for me even though I have brought nothing but shame on to my family.”

Hailey shook me gently. “Get a grip on yourself! He is not going to change his mind about it. You 

know that very well. Pull yourself together, Vince. You are stronger than any of us present here.”, 

She encouraged. She continued.

“Don't you Dare to sob like a girl, please!” She warned. “Remember, when your asshole brother had rejected me then how you had encouraged me to be strong. Then why the hell are you not using your advice on yourself?”

“What am I going to do?”

She sighed. “The same you said to me. Get up. Get your act together. Then keep moving forward. Never look back. I know this will be difficult in the beginning but I know you can. You can rise above this. Don’t let them defeat you, Vince! I have known you all my life. You are better than This. You are stronger than this.”, She announced encouragingly. 

“The first thing you need to do is...accept that you are never meant to be an Alpha of White Moon Pack. Accept that Rachel is Never coming back. Accept that in this round…you have lost. You are heartbroken. Acknowledge the fact that you are in pain and suffering.”

“Wow. I never knew that little Hailey is now all grown up.” I said and ruffled her hair.

“Well, these were someone else's words.” She said lowly, and I saw her cheeks turn Into a pink shade. As far as I remember, girls get shy only when things are romantically involved With their mate.

“Whose?” I asked suspiciously. Since Andrew has rejected her so there is a lesser chance that He is the reason behind her blush.

“Vince, please don’t share this with anyone.”, She whispered, to which I nodded. “I...I have been blessed with a second chance mate but….” She paused

“....he is a rogue.” She added. “I didn’t Know how to react when I found out but when I looked into his eyes. I found out that he was afraid of being rejected. I didn’t have the heart to reject him at all. Then, I had decided that I will give him a chance before taking any decision and trust me he is everything I needed in my mate. He joined all my broken pieces and heart.”

“I’m so Happy for you,” I smiled. I knew her family would never agree to it, but I also knew where there Is a will, there is a way.

“So, now coming back to your story. Make sure that you attend the Luna Ceremony with a she-wolf. Some she-wolf who’s ten times sexier than Rachel, and you can’t keep your hands off of her. And Andrew will be jealous of you. That will be a tight slap on their face.”

“And nobody in that ceremony will ever feel sorry for you or pity you. Not only should she be sexy. 

She should be a daughter of werewolf King or daughter of the top three most giant packs of the world.

“And why will any of the above qualities she-wolf accompany me in the ceremony? Isn’t it obvious 

they will be disgusted with me because I'm just a mere Omega without a wolf.” I rolled my eyes. 

I admit that a part of me got a little bit excited about the whole thing. But then again...I'm wide awake and still sober!

“That’s great! But How will I ever nail a she-wolf like that? And that's in a week? Where will I find a she-wolf like that?”

“Tomorrow is Alpha’s Ceremony. I am sure many unmated daughters and sons of the Alpha’s and Beta’s will be here. Find someone with these qualities. If not, then someone hot and sexy. We will just fake her identity of being a daughter of famous Alpha. She just has to pretend to be rich. A nice gown would do the job. As long as she is not dumb, had a little bit of high school education, she is good to go.”

I hope this whole thing works out for real. I can’t believe that I'm desperate now.

Crystal’s POV

“After the ceremony took place, we all applauded for Andrew, but mine was more forced because I could honestly care less about this shit. When we were dismissed for mingling and eating, Emily, my friend, basically an Omega, went straight for the food, while I am just walked around to stay Somewhere away from here. I had to admit, there were handsome men here, but none that interested me.

Generally, my father used to attend these ceremonies, but he wanted me to find my mate. He started sending me as his substitutes. Instead of indulging myself with other stupid He-wolves. I walked around some more, scanning and sniffing for my mate. 

I knew several he-wolves were looking at me. I smiled at them, but that was all I did. I knew for a fact that they were hoping I would be mated to one of them, but that was not happening. At least not if the moon goddess Had anything to say about it. 

I could hear their disappointments, but I honestly didn’t care.  “Did you find your mate?” Emily mind linked me

“Not yet. I think I should….”I was about to say more when a mouthwatering scent hit me. My wolf Maya started to stir and Prance in my mind.

Mate. She said. What? Mate. She repeated. I immediately followed the cenet. It was so heavenly, so inviting, and so serene. Even Maya was going crazy. The scent was also very calming. It was very herbal and refreshing; it smelled like freshly brewed chamomile tea. 

I followed the scent that made me gulp the saliva forming in my mouth. I was led across the courtyard and the packhouse, where the smell of my mate got stronger and stronger, but along with him, I also smelled the scent of some she-wolf.  By the time I reached there, that she-wolf had sensed my presence, but my mate was still looking at her. I couldn’t see his face because his back was facing toward my face, but I could sense that he Was in pain and was worried.

“I can’t do this, Hailey...I can’t.” He said to that she-wolf. “I don’t dare to ask any she-wolf to pretend to be my fake girlfriend or lover. But I also can't deny the fact that I am desperate to find one.”

“Why don’t you ask the girl standing behind you?” 

Hailey—I think this is the name that he-wolf called, and then my mate turned toward me. The world stopped when his purple eyes met mine. I'm Not lying but trust me; I forgot to breathe by looking at him. He really looks like he was carved in marble. A chiseled face with a strong jawline and thin lips. He was so handsome that I couldn’t take my eyes off him. While his eyes won’t leave mine, Either.

“Ummm…” He mumbles in embarrassment.

He brought me back from my Ola-la-la land. 

“Can you pretend to be my fake girlfriend Miss….?” He asked nervously.

Wait! My mate is a human? 


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