His Courtesan
His Courtesan
Author: Catherine Pratt


                                       Prologue: You Broke Me First


"How are you?" Care and longing are what I can hear. Life has changed, and so am I. Been through hell and back, but someone saved me. I was not the person that I was yesterday. Weak and fragile will never fit me anymore.

Time taught me to fight for my happiness and the freedom I deserve. And in the long run, I found the answer to it. And that is to let him go.

"Doing great since the day I cut ties with you," remorse? Not a second chance. You deserve it, Love. He smiled at me with worried eyes. The last time I saw him was long ago, and yet, he maintained his physique well. The arms that once carried me. The body that one heated me. Wonder how many courtesans he fucked after I left him? Not to sound bitter, just... curious.

"N-Nice to he-hear it, D-Devon," did he just stuttered? Hah! I cannot deal with it! Where's the confidence now? The self-centered you? I grabbed the poco brandy glass and drank a fourth of the wine.

We are here dining at my favorite restaurant. I saw him, but I didn't bother to talk to him, but this guy in front of me begged me to speak with him. And being left with no choice, I gave him a shot. It is bizarre to hear that the great Tyson Bancroft is pleading with me to speak with him. Hmmm.

I smirked at him as my eyes roamed to his all. Are those wrinkles I am seeing? Disgusting! And ooh! Did he just have a white beard? What happened to the Tyson I know who is very concerned about his looks? Did he just shy away? Oh no! I want to laugh out loud right now.

Tyson took a sip on his wine, leaving without any trace. "You thirsty? I can lubricate you," let me play some games right here. He looked at me with bulging eyes as he gulped.

"W-What?" I smirked. "I said. I can lubricate you," I erotically said. But that was all part of my game. "I still have wine here. You can have it," showing him off the glass, but he refused.

"Thanks. But I'll just have another one. Waiter!" He raised a finger in the air, and the waiter approached her and poured his glass with new wine.

He then looked at me. "Do you want to refill yours?" I shooked my head. "No, thanks," I responded. "You can go now," I said, referring to the waiter.

"My husband doesn't want me to drink, Tyson," tucking a lock of hair in my ear and showed him my wedding ring. What now, Love? I chuckled at the back of my mind.

His upper lips twitched. He then took a deep breath. "Guess things changed a lot after we broke up," he let out a bitter laugh.

Did he just say we? Because I vividly remember when he said that I was the only one assuming that we are in a relationship? Uh! The hypocrisy tho! Can't relate!!

I was once Tyson's lover. Well, according to him, I was the only one assuming that we're in a relationship. Tyson was my regular customer before at the bar where I worked. I was his courtesan.

In a more straightforward term, his bedwarmer. A prostitute. Funny to think that we fell in love with each other. I mean, I was the only one who fell for him just because he is seeking love and attention... but sure, that dick is a bonus tho!

Being real tho. Tyson held me captive through his charm and charisma. When I first saw him... do you know that slow-motion type that you see in the movie? Yeah. That's what happened to me as my eyes looked at him.

But now, what happened to him? Did he lose all his glory? Well, not to sound bad, but he deserves more than that. I was stating facts tho.

"Wait? Us? We broke up?" He nods slowly. His eyes were poor and lonely. Sorry, but my heart is now stone. There would be no room for it to someone like you, Tyson. You fooled me much, and I've had enough of it.

"I thought you said that it was me assuming that we are in a relationship, Tyson?" I chuckled. Since I came here not to meet him but to eat, I might munch this garlic buttered shrimp. Seafood is life. Periodt.

And as I look up, Tyson breathes slowly. Like he was calming himself. "You okay, TyTy?" He froze. Oops!.., I did it again. Call me bitchy or what but hurting him now makes me happy. At least I can defend myself, which I didn't do before. I munched the food again while humming in satisfaction.

"Could you please tell me more about you, D-Devon?" He asked. I looked at him, and his eyes flashed with tears. Wait? I think I've seen this before. Is he pulling some of his filthy games again?

I wiped my mouth. "Are you sure?" Dang! I sound bitter there. "I mean, yeah sure," phew! "Where should I start. Uhm...," I looked heavenward and thinking about what I should say to him.

I clicked my tongue. "Happily tied and enjoying my life with the man who truly loved me. And doing my part as his lawfully wedded husband," and I sip back the wine.

"How about you, Ty? Care to share about your life? Just bits of it tho," he bobbed his head. But why does his face seemed unhappy? Well, I guess karma fucked him real hard.

"I-I am," he paused and took a heavy sigh. "A-Alone and... sad," I gagged. "Sorry, go on," he is significantly different from the last time I know him. That's what you get for being so unfaithful.

He smiled at me weakly. Aw! Should I give him a trophy now? Still, the best actor as he is. Clap. Clap. Clap. Bravo, Tyson! You even never changed.

"Yeah. Seriously tho, that sums up my life. Empty. And I am tired. Growing old with no one to care for me--" I cut him off. Is he trying to make me feel bad? Well, hell, no! You broke me first!

"You can buy thousands of courtesan to make you happy and alive, Tyson. You got money, so they will care for you, and they might race to have you. You got thick hard cash anyway," and that's on periodt! Suck it up, Love.

"But they were all after my money. They don't love me... just like how you love me before, Devon," he said. I chuckled. I won't answer him on that statement tho. I have moved on and will never be head over heels to him again.

"Why don't you call Addison?" I suggested. "Addison, who?" He asked. "Addison. The one you fucked in the corner right before you cooked the dinner for us. Do you remember him now?" He looked down. I continued to eat.

Precisely, the last dinner for us. And I won't tell you right now the exact thing that happened on it. But what I can say is that I've been dumb and numb.

"F-Forgive me, L-Love," tears flashed in his eyes as I looked at him. Hmmm. Now we are a crying baby, huh? From a cheater and a player turned out to be the victim directly. Funny but not fancy enough for me to click on it.

"That's okay. Besides, it's my fault too for loving you and for holding on to your words," I pushed the plate since I finished eating. I wiped my mouth and drank all the wine.

"I should go by now," I stood up and was about to walk away from him. "Wait, Devon!" He held my pulse. And to my surprise, he was crying.

What the hell now!

"Please, help me," he sobbed. And as I looked around, we are catching a few attention from the customers. "Stop, Tyson. Get off me now," I whispered. Shit! This is what I don't like about him—very attention seeker.

He pulled me closer to him. Tyson hugged me tightly. "I've cheated, and I lied but believe me that after all these years, you're still and the only one I love," he cried. I pushed him away.

"Delusion has gotten into your head, Tyson. Remove thy filthy hands," but the more I pushed him away. The more Tyson tightened his hug.

"Do not shoo me away, Love. I know you still loved me," I stomped hard on his foot. He released me. People were still looking at us. And plenty of people filled the door as they block the way along with people who will dine in. Shit!

Without any choice, I sat back. Damn it! "Lo-Love, took mercy on me please," he sat back and tried to hold my hands, but I was fast as a bolt of lightning as I pulled it back.

I rolled my eyes in the air and folded my arms. "Do you think I was still the person as I was when you know me? Hell no, Tyson!" I said.

"From the day I started to fall for you was the beginning of my nightmare," I gritted my teeth. My body quivered in anger. I wiped my eyes to stop the tears from falling. Fuck these tears! Hooh! I paused for a while.

Calm down. Keep your composure, Devon. Keep your composure bitch! Roast him! Do not cry! He will think again that you are weak. Live up and light up the torch of hatred!

I giggled, then turned into chuckles and burst into laughter. Tyson looked at me with confusion as he should be.

"One thing that I would like to say," I sniffed for the last time. Tears? Not a chance! "I was searching for happiness. I was using you to fill up my loneliness," and smiled triumphantly.

"Loving you means loving your all. But your money is what I love the most," of course, I lied! What should I say? Do I have any choice?

I could say that he is shattered and broken deep inside now. Well, his tears are more than proof. Now, Tyson. Burn me hard and make sure I'll turn into ashes because if not, I will come back and burn you until you rot in hell!

"Y-You are l-lying, love," he sobbed. I smirked."Take back your words, Devon!" He slammed his fist on the table as tears rolled down his cheeks. But that won't shake me anymore. I've got power. And he is way better than you.

I was about to leave, but I heard someone that made me stopped on my track.

"Mommy!" Oh, God! I looked back.

"Alejandro!" My heart beats loud as my chest rose and fell with rapid breaths. "What are you doing here?" I carried him and ran away.

"Wait! Devon!" Tyson chased us. And dang! People are blocking the way.

"H-Hey little guy," he said. I hid Alejandro away from him. "If you would not leave us, I swear, I will scream that you harassed us, Tyson," Tears fell on my eyes. "Leave. Now!"

"Mommy, who is he?" Alejandro asked. "N-Nothing, sweetheart. Just some bad guy," and as soon as Alejandro looked around to see the guy he is asking, Tyson's jaw drop as he covered his mouth.

"W-Why does he looked exactly like me?"

"Stop it!"

And an arm hugged Alejandro and me possessively.

"Move the fuck out, dipshit!" Hunter said.

Tyson chuckled and wiped his tears.

"I will take you back, Devon. Now that there's more reason for me why I should win you back,"

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