Chapter 265


And it had happened like that. 

I recalled the broad strokes for my friends. 

“You what?” Ethan said, shocked and nearly angry. “You can’t make that kind of promise!”

Justin shook his head sagely. “That’s free reign, Perrin. And a dangerous move, backing out of every challenge. It puts you at a huge disadvantage if anyone trespasses on your territory.”

“Or attacks on your land,” Ethan said. 

“Or poses a border dispute,” said Kira.

“How will you expand?” Ethan asked, c

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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Justin is so used to his dad. Perrin isn’t even as ruthless as his own father.
goodnovel comment avatar
Lori Ramsdell
Why is Justin being such an a**hole all of a sudden. I think Perrin is amazingly responsible.I believe Lo keeps him centered. Let's just hope that Jaz doesn't use the baby to mess up things with Perrin and Lo'.
goodnovel comment avatar
Stacy Butler
no way would I protect jaz!! once the baby is born let her go were she wants or let fate decide but the child should ALWAYS be protected!!!! just bc the mother is a piece of shit its not the child's fault!!!!!!!!

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