Chapter 7: Isn't It So Easy To Let Go?

"Ms Harper!" Nathan crouched down on the floor, tucking the terrified girl who was nearly passed out in his arms.

Her forehead filled with sweat and her breaths high, she was trying to say something but couldn't speak properly.

"Genevieve?" he gently touched her face, with the only light coming from his expensive iPhone, he was wondering why she hadn't opened the flashlight of her phone.

A few moments later she was in her senses again...looking at the man she became startled when he blurted out, "It's okay...Genevieve. It's me…"

"Nathan…" not knowing what to say she took his name instead of 'My Lord' and he answered in a good response.

"Yes, Genevieve. What is it, sweetness?" his voice becomes low to the texture of the rubber.

" was...uncle Sam…" she was in a trance, still not being able to speak a proper sentence.

"It's okay, sweetness. Come here. I got you…" he made her stand up on her feet and took her away.

"Why were you there alone?" he asked gently, putting a hand on her shoulder and she didn't answer.

He took her to his cabin and pressed the button of the intercom.

"Hello? Crawford? Can you come in?" he spoke on the phone and turned his face to see the assistant who was still in a trance. 

A few minutes later when Crawford stepped in, he was confused to see the assistant girl sitting on the sofa while the boss was standing next to the window.

"My Lord…" he softly spoke and Nathan immediately turned around to utter, "Crawford. We are going home and giving Ms Harper a lift…"

The bodyguard was distracted with hearing this, it took a minute for him to respond.

"Alright, my Lord…" he bowed down to turn around and stepped out of the cabin.

"What happened, Crawford? Why is Nathan still here?" right outside the cabin met Raya Blackmark, her face unaware with such expressions.

"Uh, my Lady. It's late, you must go home. Our Lord is coming after scheduling the meeting for tomorrow…" informed Crawford.

"No...I need you, Crawford. Come with me…" with that, Raya turned to walk away.

Sitting in the car with the assistant girl, Nathan asked the manager about Crawford to which he just answered that he went with Raya.

Genevieve wasn't normal at all...she was looking in the same direction and Nathan was worried for her.

After asking her for the tenth time about her house address, he took her to his place.

Entering the big mansion, she looked at him with a strange expression and he uttered, "Don't worry, you came here before."

Nathan took her to the same room he took her before and asked her to sit on the bed.

"Genevieve? What has happened? Can you tell me?" crouching down he asked her, the terrified look in her eyes almost tearing his heart apart.

She blinked her eyes but couldn't speak a word. He was a shock.

A few minutes later, the maid named Nancy came inside the room with the tray of food.

Nathan before walking out asked the maid to feed the assistant and he walked away.

Meanwhile, in the penthouse of Nathan Blackmark, there was Raya with Crawford.

Another girl sitting on the opposite sofa, her appearance was somehow weird.

She was wearing a black full-length maxi dress, her long hair reached down to her lower back, cat eyes and pale skin, she looked like some sort of a Halloween ready woman.

"Griffin...what a pleasant surprise for you to visit me tonight…" Raya crossed her leg onto the other and adjusted the wine glass in her hand.

Sitting in a sofa chair, Raya was looking like a Queen or something...such power she was holding in her eyes.

"My Lady… I'm honoured. But there is something I want to tell you and our Lord…" the girl spoke politely.

Crawford and Raya exchanged unaware looks while the girl took a sip of her drink.

Nathan was standing in front of the mirror, his mind was somewhere else. 

Pulling his shirt, he threw it on the floor and walked towards the washroom.

In the bathroom, he took off his ring and put it in a box on the counter carefully before he got undressed.

The warm water sprayed down and hit his shapely body, streaming down along his firm and clearly defined muscles. He looked at himself, robust, streamlined and youthful. A man of 35 years, he was still young and vigorous with desires, ambitions and overwhelming hormones. 

When he thought of that moment when Genevieve had kissed him, he shook his head. 

Was it a waste?

Dressing into his night suit, Nathan walked out of his bedroom and went to check up on Genevieve.

She indeed was just an ordinary assistant...doesn't matter to him if she is going through a trauma or something but he was drawn to her.

Something is pulling him back onto her and every time he tries to push himself away from her, he comes back closer to her.

Right now, one thing was bothering him...who was uncle Sam? And why was she talking about her…

Knocking on the door he walked in just to see she was sitting on the bed, her knees touched her chin, eyes teary.

"Genevieve…" he spoke softly.

Lifting her head, she glared at him with such affection that his heart stopped for a moment.

He walked to her and sat beside her and uttered, "Who is Uncle Sam?" 

She was racing her mind back to the night when she kissed him, it was a pure sensational moment.

The moment he came close to her, she blurted out, "Stay where you are!" 

"Huh…" he expressed unaware.

"Huh! Stay away from me, Nathan Blackmark."

"You don't speak to your boss in this way, Ms Harper…" he lifted his left eyebrow.

"Boss? FYI, the boss doesn't kiss his secretary. The boss doesn't carry his assistant to his house! The boss doesn't get close to his workers!"

"The boss who is already married!" were her last words.

One thing he was sure of that she was normal again.

The way she was trying to act smart with him said it all.

Standing up he walked away, faced her to speak, "Oh, hurt, aren't we?" 

Knitting her eyebrows in confusion, Genevieve couldn't understand the meaning of this sentence.

"Hurt? Why would I be hurt?" she asked, confused.

"Why not?" he questioned back, crossing his arms to his chest as he continued, "You've been thinking constantly about our kiss and you've developed the secret feelings for me in your heart. And when you got to know about my wife, Raya. It kinda hurts your feelings.."

"What!" she blurted out, her kind blown up from such nonsense.

Jumping out of the bed, she rushed up to him and grabbed both of his collars to speak, "You may be my boss, Nathan Blackmark. But I sure as hell don't scare you!"

Her eyes burning with hellfire and her gazes sharp.

He wasn't bothered at all instead it was kind of turning on for him.

"I won't let you judge my character. I don't care who you are and what you can do. I just know that no other man can judge or abuse me…anymore."

Anymore? This anymore was somewhat heart wrenching for him.

Was she harassed in the past? Well, her anger says it all…

She licked her lower lip which triggered the horny man within him and he pulled her close, pressing his lips against hers.

She noticed the flash of anger when he pinned her to the wall with one hand, another one rested on the back of her head, their lips still intertwined. 

Genevieve was lost in the pure phenomenal sensation, she was struggling to let go of his sweet lips which were pulling her towards him.

The more she wanted to push him away from the more she was attracted like a magnet with him.

He took a break to take a whiff and whispered in her ear, " can't resist me. Can you, Ms Harper?"

Hearing him speaking in a teasing yet formal tone, she pushed him away, walking away when her wrist was caught in midway.

"Isn't it so easy to let go?" and she was stopped, her facial expressions went blank.

"Tell me what am I doing here with you? Why didn't you leave me with Crawford?" she asked aggressively.

"You work for me, not for Crawford. It's my responsibility to take care of you."

"And don't give yourself too much credit, Ms Harper. I didn't know your address so I brought you here. I hope that clarifies things." 

Genevieve was feeling furious. This man was getting on her nerves.

First, he appeared in the nightclub and fought with the guys, then he carried her to his car and the news reporters caught them. 

Second, he brought her to his house and they kissed. 

Third, he again appeared out of nowhere in the record room.

Fourth, now he kisses her and acts like he is not bothered by it all.

Even he is a married man.

And not to forget his attitude towards her in the office. He gave her a tough time that she cannot ignore. 

Turning away she took a few steps towards the door when Nathan just snapped her fingers and the darkness took over her eyes and within a moment Genevieve was dropped on the floor...fainted.

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