Chapter - 6

Amoli's Pov. :-

I am very angry and I'm in the kitchen right now and cooking food for the guest that came my home.

' he is not a guest but a ghost ' my brain hissed in my head with sarcasm dripping down from its words.

Ufff I want to kill him but can't..... want to put poison in his food but can't..... Feeling like to cry on my helplessness but can't... because if I do so then my panda will also accompany me in the cry.

I completely forgot to breathe when I saw my panda in captivity of that demon.

Right now she is sitting in the kitchen Iceland in Indian style (crossing her legs) and hand under her cheeks and chin.

I take her hands in my hands and kissed them, my this action makes her look at me...

" Moo I am scared, wha

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