Chapter - 12

Amoli's Pov.:-

Someone is shaking me not in a hard or painful way but that person is disturbing my beautiful sleep.

As I am already fatigue by all the marriage things , I need brake from all this ... Marriage ... Oh yaa .. I am now a married woman .

Atlast I opened my eyes and say a smiley face of my sister law .

" Bhabhi (sister-in-law) get up we have arrived ." She said to me and help me to come out from the car.

I came out from the car and gasped in surprise and in shock because I am standing infront of the villa , which is this much massive that my eyes are not able to see the whole villa in one sight ... I need to roam my eyes to get a proper glimpse of this house .

The gist of all this is they are wealthy .

It's really beautiful I never saw this much big house ever in my whole life.

My mother-in-law welcomed me inside the house with all indian ritual's and Varun was beside me all the time .

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