Chapter 14

Rosalie came to and started to panic. She was tied up to a chair in a very cold damp dark place. Her panic evident as she began to try and pull on her restraints. The chair she was on was wooden and old as it squeaked from the movement. She didn’t like this, this was something her ex would have done. Amelia, whom was off to the side, smiled happily as she watched this girl squirm. There was so much more in store for this women who touched her man. She will be lucky to walk out of here. Amelia decided to make herself known causing more fear to set in as Rosalie stilled.

“What’s wrong, not so tough all alone are we.” Amelia cheekily spoke. Rosalie was just trying to calm her breathing, to push the fear and anxiety down. None of it was working however which made her panic more.

“Please, I have done nothing wrong.” Rosalie cried quietly. Amelia stepped up to her and laid a smack against her cheek. The contact sending tingles down her back as her dragon power spiked ever so s

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