Chapter 29

“Can I help?” Rosalie asked as she reached for some of the bags in the car. She was wide awake due to her nap and her supper had settled really well. Asrar was trying to unload the car as Ryan helped Avalon into the house. She was tired and cranky.

“Absolutely love.” Asrar smiled leaning over and kissing her cheek. She grabbed a few and followed him in before coming back for more. They just put the bags on the living room floor so they could sort everything out.

“Asrar.” Rosalie spoke up again this time a little worried. Asrar stopped in his tracks and looked at her. She had grabbed the last of the bags from the trunk and shut it. She walked over to him and stopped. “I know something dangerous is coming for me but I was wondering if we could take a walk?”

“Oh Rosalie.” Asrar gently sighed in relief. He though that question was going a different way. He nodded happily as they placed the last of the bags in the living room. Asrar let Ryan know they would be back befo

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