Ashley's pov

I couldn't be any more happy when the house that held the party comes into view. The awkwardness that hung in the air was almost suffocating.

The party seemed to be in full swing with music blasting through the entire house. I guess it was alright to have it to this overpowering volume with a scarce amount of neighbors.

Blake slowly parks the car, being careful to not knock over the teens running up and down the road recklessly.

Were they high? They certainly looked like it.

Stacy bangs the car door on the way out. I flinch away from the loud noise and look to see her walking up to the house. I cringed when I spotted an unfamiliar girl throwing up in the bushes, her friend patting her back.

Stacy had long gone inside the house, leaving Blake and I behind. She was furious and I felt somewhat guilty. "I'm sorry." I mumbled opening the car door and getting out.

Blake does the same and looks over to face me. His brows are knitt

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Cathy Wathne-Andrews
read this story on another app and didn't have to pay to read it but can't remember which one it was it was a great book wanted to read again
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Amber Lauer
Can’t stop reading
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I guess illl never finish because im Not buying anything

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