Ashley’s  pov

When I had been nervously biting my nails and shaking my feet, I was praying for this moment to come. To see him awake, to be beside him, knowing that he was alright.

But now staring at the door where just one push of my hands I will see him, made me more nervous than the wait. I have no idea what to expect. Will he act differently than the last time we were in the hospital? Will he act distant? And the bigger question. Does he now remember me?

It was fucking nerve-racking, something that wasn't at all good for the baby. Sighing while staring at the door, I brought my hands to rest on my belly.

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Laura Arnette
Yay! Happiness for a change! They deserve it after all they have been through
goodnovel comment avatar
Bren C
I'm so happy that I'm crying happy .... love this story so much
goodnovel comment avatar
i would love a series on this story, from beginning to end cuz a movie would be to short

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