Ashley's pov

*seven months later*

"I'm the size of a whale Blake." I whined, holding my belly as I looked in the mirror. I had just stepped out of the shower and I was still butt naked.

Through the reflection of the mirror I could see Blake moving the tap off his hand and peers at me.He was seated on the bed. He licks his bottom lip and lets his eyes drop to my legs. He was now a trainer at the gym after deciding to not go back to the army.

He was done parting ways with me and wanted to be there with me for everything. I thought the decision would hurt him but he seems to be happy being a trainer, especially teaching the teenagers boxing.

Come to find out Leo was actually Reagan's crush wh


Ashley and Blake wanted me to end their story this way to let all their readers know that even after death they will always be together forever :) Thank you everyone who supported me and loved this book just as much as I loved writing it. My characters are my life, my family and I really do hope that you treat them as family too. I usually cry when I end my books (because I'm a pussy) But this one really tore me apart man shit. #AshleyandBlakeForever

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Jessica Louise
what happened to the epilogue ?? I just come back to read this book again but this time my epilogue is completely empty ..?
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I’m a messs!! Screaming,crying you did such a great job I love this book so much.
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Jenn Hankins
That was one of the best books I have ever read. It kept me wanting to read and not stop. It broke my heart at the end I couldn't handle read the rest of for the tears flowing.
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