Ch. 10 : Attack of the Knight

The last day of the festival was opened by Rosanna, and she, like nearly every other Queeness, dressed in the Royal Fafner family colors of red, gold and grey. Her dress was of smooth glittering red silk that was adorned with gold. And a pale grey scattering of jewelry glinted off her body as she danced. Thankfully she didn’t embarrass herself like some of the other Queeness’ and actually stuck to her family’s Pride Dance. But the dress itself was enough to wonder what was going on in that head of hers.

It was far too tight in some places and showed quite a bit of skin too, not leaving much to the imagination. Of course this made it so the men in the audience cheered and whistled loudly for her, no doubt garnering some amount of points for this challenge.

After Ivy, Arden and I made it out of the arena we met up with Lana and Calix by a drink booth. We then followed the ever energetic eight year old throughout the festival, watching different side sho

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Bella Jersey
That knight was poisoned. I have thought rumbling around in my brain Amara and Arden were weakened by being apart. They are gonna be together a whole year. How much are their powers gonna grow and change?

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