8. illusion – Tinung tinung tinung,

"That's enough, when are you going to start working to win that race if it keeps spoiling me?" she was trying to escape, from the trappings of my arms. 

 "Ah I don't want to. let us be like this first." I'm shaking her body to the right and to the left.   she suddenly pushed me until I fell down on the couch, and she who put her  hands on the right and left sides of my head, with one leg bent on the couch, almost hit my future.  

At first I looked into her  eyes then checked my future, I made an expression of relief, hufft fortunately still safe I thought.  

she ducked down and laughed.

"Hahahaa... Almost yes babe, will it hurt?" she asked in a plaintive tone.   I pulled it to sit on my left thigh.

"Stay here, keep me doing my job." I then took my drawing pad which luckily didn't fall when I threw it. Turn it on and start designing something.  <


I looked into her  eyes then checked my future :’

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