Night club

After Luca left the mansion in anger, Emma felt bad. She doesn't want to trouble him at all. Even though he is scary, he is considerate. Emma can never repay his kindness. So she tried to be compliant and not at all troublesome.

But all she did was to make him angry. 

'I couldn't have told him that the food he is providing me is not to my taste. I am doing nothing but sit and have fun with Lizzie' she thought.

Emma felt bad about how she made him mad. 

'He came after 1 month and you drove him away within hours' Emma scolded herself.

'I would have asked Lizzie for some help on how to apologize to Mr.Vitiello' Emma thought sadly.

After thinking for a couple of minutes, Emma finally came up with an idea.

'I ruined his Lunch. He didn't even eat half his sandwich before I ruined everything. So I will cook him dinner' she thought happily.

She rushed downstairs and ran into the kitchen.

"Uncle Peter, I am planning to cook dinner for Mr. Vitiello" Emma announced excitedly.

Peter Jumped with shock and surprise. He wanted to tell her that their boss will not eat food cooked by others. He has a specific taste and he prefers the only specific and trusted people to cook for him. But he remembered how their boss cared about Emma. So he swallowed his words and nodded his head in agreement.

'If Emma comes into His life, then he will find happiness through her' Peter thought.

He has seen Luca since he was a little boy.

His father was strict with him, making him Emotionally incapable. 

Peter stepped outside and let Emma do her thing. 

Emma decided to cook Lasagna for Mr. Vitiello. 

She started by making a sauce with ground beef, bell peppers, onions, and a combo of tomato sauce, tomato paste, and crushed tomatoes. The three kinds of tomatoes give the sauce a great depth of flavor.

She let the sauce simmer, before boiling noodles. She used ricotta, shredded mozzarella, and parmesan -- like the mix of tomatoes, this 3-cheese blend gives the lasagna great flavor.

Then she assembled everything. A cup of meat sauce, a layer of noodles, more sauce, followed by a layer of cheese.  She repeated the process until she used up all the ingredients. Then she placed it in the oven to bake.

After she is done cooking she packed the food in hot containers with a plate and cutlery.

Then she asked Emanuel and Smith to take her to Luca.

Both Emanuel and Smith exchanged worried glances, as they know where their boss will be at this time.

But they know that their boss likes Emma. So they couldn't deny her either. 

So Emanuel fired a text to Marco about the issue before taking her to the nightclub.

Marco looked at the text and started to sweat. The Apple target practice on his head is still fresh in his head.

'By the time Boss gives in and realizes that he likes Miss Emma, I might die to one of his bullets whenever he meets her and his control slips a little '  he muttered to himself.

Usually, he will not disturb their boss when

Tasha is with him. But his experience is telling him that Miss Emma is much more important than Tasha.

"Boss" he knocked on the door.

"Come in" Luca called.

"Boss" Marco looked between Tasha and his boss. He doesn't want to reveal Emma's identity in front of Tasha. Emma is too innocent and Tasha is too vicious.

"What?"  Luca asked impatiently.

"Emanuel texted me. They are coming here" Marco told tactically.

Luca immediately understood who is coming here.

'I just saw her today. Did she need anything? I didn't give her a chance to talk at all. I snapped my irritation on her and left angrily. I left her alone in my mansion for One month. She is a girl. She might have in need of something. Or else she wouldn't come willingly seeking him out' he thought.

"Ok," Luca said.

Marco breathed a sigh of relief when his boss didn't snap at him.

"They must have reached already. Emanuel texted me when I was in the storeroom. Liquor consignment just came now" Marco revealed in a hurry.

Luca glared at Marco.

"Idiot" he snapped angrily and left his office in a hurry.

'Emma will look like an innocent lamb in between wild animals, who would want to pounce on her.' he thought.

Emanuel led Emma inside the nightclub.

Smith went to park their vehicle.

Emma looked around the club in horror and Embarrassment. 

Half naked bodies making out on the dance floor. Sweat and a strong deodorant smell are thick in the air.

She is wearing her usual black jeans and a red ruffle top and sneakers. 

She is hugging the food bag into her torso. Her long brown hair falling in soft waves on her back.

She darted her huge almond-shaped eyes all around her. 

There is a kind of innocent Emma carries around her, which is appealing to the men.

Her effortless beauty is the other thing.

Soon, within seconds, all the hungry male eyes followed her through their eyes.

She is looking different from all the other half-dressed females around here. She is fully dressed but at the same time is much more appealing than the other girls.

"Come here, baby" a few drunk guys commented loud enough to be heard around the music.

Emma's heart started to pound with fear. She always disguised herself with ugly makeup. She never caught so much attention in her life.

The eyes of these men are making her skin prickly and uncomfortable.

"Kitten" Luca called loudly, announcing to anyone and everyone, to whom she belongs.

He hated the lust-filled gazes pointed towards her. She is too innocent for this world and these people.

He is instantly satisfied when all the men diverted their eyes away from his kitten with fear.

When Emma heard the familiar voice, she dared to raise her head and look at Luca.

She instantly ran towards him and stood closer to him. She believes in him. She believes that he will not hurt her. He is still scary, but much better than the men around her.

Luca looked coldly around him, making everyone stand on edge. He placed a protective arm around Emma's shoulders and pulled her towards his office.

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