Chapter 6- Eyes Off My Luna!

Chapter Six

Oliver POV

I cannot believe my restraint slipped. Luckily Ireland has kept her distance, I often grab my meals to go stating that I am working on the Rogue problem. The few encounters we have had with each other have been brief and from a distance. I couldn’t help but be annoyed that the few times I had seen her she was with Jason, who I have since learned is one of our top warriors in my pack and that mutt Erik. One time I was going to training and saw her and the Mutt training alone. I was surprised how she dodged his punches and landed some of her own. I could not help to shake my head and scoff when I heard her tell Erik next they will practice shifted. I mean is she really that full of herself she feels she can fight a wolf. Today is the day of the BBQ to welcome everyone back on pack lands. The BBQ begins at 5pm and it is 3pm so I am looking out my bedroom window to see how the preparations are going. I can see movement on the lawn, the pups and Ireland appear to be running around playing hide and seek. She really is immature isn’t she tag now hide and seek. I can’t seem to pull my eyes away from her out there running around. I see twins about the age of 6 running around a boy and a girl and I instantly know who they belong to. Their black hair, blue eyes and pale complexion are a dead give away. I start running down the stairs my cousin Eliza must have come for the BBQ. We were best friends growing up. It has been so long since I saw her. I enter the backyard and walk swiftly up to Eliza who was hugging Ireland and talking animatedly. While the twins were pulling on Ireland’s hands. I can’t help but take in how carefree and beautiful she looks. Her hair is down flowing half way down her back with the front pieces braided back. She is wearing a loose white tank crop top with the straps of her black bikini top showing. My eyes keep wandering down her tan toned stomach over her cut off denim shorts to her long tanned legs. I can feel myself becoming hard in my gym shorts. 

“Eye’s off my Luna!” A lil voice addresses me. I blink surprised and look at the source of the comment. Then there is giggling and I meet Eliza’s eyes as she hugs me tightly. 

“ Mason, this momma’s cousin and best friend growing up Oliver soon to be Alpha Oliver.”

He looks up as this momma questioningly “I thought my Luna was your best friend?” Eliza and Ireland giggle. 

“She is one of my dearest friends as well but Oliver is my cousin and future Alpha of this pack. So you need to be respectful Mason as one day you may work together.” I look between Ireland and Eliza. How do they even know each other? I wonder.

“That does not give him right to look at my Luna.” He states in his lil Alpha voice. Everyone chuckles.

I squat down to Mason’s level. “I should let you know she can’t be Luna, she is human therefore weak.” Eliza gasps.

Mason straightens and grabs Ireland's hand again “There will be war if you talk bout my Luna again. She is the most beautiful in the world, she is strong and brave and I will save her from anything like she saved my mommy.” I look at Ireland questioningly at the last words. How could she save anyone?

Eliza speaks up “Enough Mason there will not be war. Ireland is a little old for you. She may get tired waiting for you to come of age. Now go play.”

Mason Gasps “My beauty you would wait for me wouldn’t you unless you find your fated love?”

“Yes Mason, if I don’t find my fated I would wait for you.” Her eyes flicker up to meet mine. “However, Mason I am sure you have your own fated who is much more worthy than me.”

Mason nods his head and looks at me smugly and begins pulling on Ireland’s hand “come my Luna let’s go play with the other pups.” Eliza and Ireland giggle and she heads back to the game of hide and seek. 

I feel a little tug on the bottom of my shirt and meet the blue eyes of the little girl twin. “Young Alpha Oliver will you come play with us?” I look at her shaking my head no.

“Now Aria, you know that Oliver has probably more important things to attend then playing pup games as he will be Alpha.”

“But Momma, Ireland is a grown up and will be Luna and she always plays with us. Sorry Alpha.” She then takes off running toward the other kids. 

“So Oliver how does it feel to finally be home?”

We begin to talk about our lives for a bit, laughing about the things we used to do. It’s been about 45 minutes. I think it is safe to ask her how she knows Ireland without showing too much interest in the human. When I ask her she doesn’t answer the question her eyes glaze over receiving a mind link.

“My mom is coming to watch my prince and princess I think I will go with the others to the river to swim want to come?” The BBQ begins at 5 but I am not expected to make an appearance til about 630 so I have time for a quick swim. I run in and change into my trunks. The BBQ is a non-formal party anyway. Preston mind-links me and states they are already at the river and the view is beautiful. His last comment puzzles me but I run out the pack house and through the woods to the swimming hole. When I approach my friends I understand what Preston meant, they are all staring at my mate as she lays on a towel in her string bikini.

Ireland’s POV

I had noticed the males looking at me but when I felt my skin warm I knew he was there. Great, I can’t even just relax anymore my skin feels too hot and not from the sun. I walk to the edge of the rock and dive into the water. I slowly walk out the water and begin walking toward my mate and his friends, letting the water run off my body. My mate stiffins looking over my body, I smirk. “Down boys” I say when I get close to his friends as they are staring. I stand an inch away from my mate. Place my wet hands on his bare shoulders. Goddess I just want to run my hand all down his tanned chest and stomach but I stop myself. I lean in close to him, I can tell he is trying hard to control himself as he stands stiff and is barely breathing. I place my mouth by his ear. “Excuse me” then I move him out of the way and approach Eliza, her mate Alex the Alpha of Full Moon Pack and Erik as they make their way down the path. 

“Well there is my future daughter in law and Luna of my pack.” Alex laughs and gives me a hug. “I hope you will come visit your future pack soon.” He states while continuing to walk forward.

“Yes hopefully soon when the unpleasantness here is dealt with.” I state while glancing at Mr. Jerkface who is approaching to shake Alex’s hand. He must have heard me as his eyes meet mine.

“Alpha Alex it is nice to see you, it has been so long.”

“Yes Young Alpha it is great to see you, I hope you don’t mind me conspiring to steal such an asset as Ire to come to my pack afterall she will be Luna.”

Oliver stiffened slightly “Of course not but I must admit I tried to counsel little Mason that a human Luna may not be the greatest choice.” Erik’s low growl does not go unnoticed and I place by hand on his shoulder to calm him.

“He is right, I am just a human female afterall.” I state sarcastically but Alex’s response brings tears to my eye.

“I would be honored to have Ire as Luna over the pack to rule by my son’s side. She is strong, independent and caring. Anyone would be lucky to have such a person as their soul mate and without her I would not have mine.” Oliver straightened at his words. Alex however just grabbed Eliza’s hands and began walking toward the swimming hole, Erik and I followed me with my head held high. He may not see my worth but others do. 

So many of the other young pack members have arrived and are having fun. Unfortunately Emilia arrived as well so now I get to watch her hang all over Oliver and him all over her while he is stealing glances at me. I take a break from my friends and go sit alone at the edge of the swimming hole. My wolf is angry and begging to come to the surface. 

‘We should rip her arms off for touching our mate’ Belle growls

‘Should we not do the same with him as he is touching her? He does not want us.’

‘He wanted us the other night’ Belle retorted.

‘A moment of weakness is all the stupid bond forcing us together’

‘It is not stupid’ Belle then begins flashing images of that night in the shower through my mind. I block her out. 

I am drawn out of my thoughts as I feel someone approach me. It is Jackson, Oliver’s friend with a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes. 

“Sorry to interrupt your alone time but I was wondering if we could talk?’ I see Erik looking at me from next to Jason, where they are talking at the other edge of the swimming hole. He is asking if I am okay silently. I nod indicating I am fine. I take a quick glance at Jason and he looks nervous?

“Of course Jackson” I reply

“Not here.” He gets out of the water I follow and we walk farther away from everyone toward the edge of the trees. I feel safe because we are still in sight of everyone. He lowers his voice. “I have found my mate.” I am a little confused as to what this has to do with me so I just look at him. He takes a deep breath and does not meet my eyes. “It’s Jason. I know he doesn’t tell a lot of people about himself, neither do I. I also know you are important to him and he is not willing to accept me and be open about us without your blessing. I know you're important to him. He wouldn't tell me why and I know that Oliver is my friend and he treats you badly though I don’t know why. I was wondering if you could help me out?” 

I was surprised by the way the words rushed out of him. I had never heard him speak so much.  “Of course you have my blessing though you don’t need it I would never stand in the way of someone's happiness, I look forward to getting to know you better and hope you two become open soon. As far as Oliver not liking me that is his story to tell not mine. I hope you understand.” 

“You accept me that easily?”

“I can tell from our limited interaction you are a good person. I don’t judge others  based on the bad behavior of their friends and I hope we become amazing friends as well, but if you hurt Jason even a little I will tear you apart. I may be human but Jason is my best friend.” I gave him a hard look. 

“ I won't, I promise. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you so much.” He scoops me up hugging me and spins me around and plants a kiss on my cheek as he puts me on my feet. A growl could be heard and everyone starts looking around for the source. I don’t however need to look around because  I know who it came from. I look instead to Jason who is watching us intently with a large smile on his face. Jackson and I make our way back to the swimming hole. 

I decide to gather my things and make my way to the BBQ. A large portion of people have left. Erik stated he was going to skip it and go for a run. I told him I would catch up with him later and make my way back alone. As I have put on my shorts and shirt again I head down the path. All of the sudden I am grabbed by the arm roughly and I slam into the heart chest of someone. If it wasn’t for his scent identifying him my mate would have found himself flat on his ass in a world of hurt. He roughly grabs my face.

“So you think you can whore around with my friends huh?”

“Well you can fuck around with Emilia so why not?” I don’t mean it but I am seething.

“I haven’t fucked her yet but maybe I will soon and you can feel it all, feel how I fuck someone else since I won’t fuck you!” He cups my sex through my shorts. 

That fucking bastard. I push him off of me. I am pissed but I am going to have a little fun. I start walking away and look over my shoulder speaking to him as if what he said did not affect me “Have fun fucking her but make sure to wrap it up, seen her scratching an itch a few too many times, if you know what I mean?”

I reach the party and completely ignore Oliver the whole time. I am going to make him beg to fuck me. This should be fun. I spend my evening hanging out with my friends and laughing with Zander and Lilly. I dance around with Mason. I eat until I possibly can’t eat anymore. I have met so many pack members. The one downfall to the BBQ is Oliver walking around with Emilia hand in hand. I take my leave and head back to my room when it is nearing 10 pm and most pack members are taking off for a run. Oliver looked back at me as everyone was shifting with a smirk. He wouldn’t be smirking if he knew the truth. I don’t stay to watch him shift as I see he is about to with Emilia as they begin to strip off their clothes.

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