Chapter 5: " This Sweet Silly Feelings "

Demonise POV:

“Come here…“  He demanded. We had arrived at our house ten minutes ago and now, I’m facing a huge burden. 

“Do you hear me Demonise? You know I hate repeating myself.“ He continued while remaining his bossy posture.

“I don’t want to! You'll beat me again.“ I said trying to hide my weak side but I failed. He’s seriously gazing at me. He’s now sitting on my bed while I’m still standing near the door.

“I won’t…“ He stared at me and licked his lower lip. “I won’t if you’ll follow my orders.“ Hearing him saying these statements made me bit my lip. I’m trembling and I know that he could sensed it.

“You’ll punish me again! I hate it when you let me feel that I’m worthless.” I stated. Trying to hide the pain and my anger. For the first time in my life, I took a chance to say what my mind wants to say to him.

“I don’t want to repeat myself again Demonise. Come closer!“ I could barely hear his hard tone. I didn’t blink for a second and was trying to overcome my fear. I took a step forward. 

“Closer honey…“ He said. His face was blank again with his eyes, pure dark. “Three more steps…“ He said that was almost a whisper. I’m doubting if I should follow him but in the end, I stepped forward near him.

“You will not slap me?” I asked as I was taking my second step to get near him. His aura suddenly changed, from a wild boar to a sweet rabbit. 

“I won’t. Two more steps honey…“ I stared at him and found out that there was something in his dim eyes. Something that was hidden and well preserved. 

“You will not do something unnecessary.“ I just want to make sure that he’s totally harmless. When in fact, from the very beginning he’s the total opposite.

He shook his head and giggled. It’s the first time that I heard this satisfying sound of him. “I’m planning to. But now, I’m not going to do it.“ He gently said as he raised his hands to me, as if he’s asking me to take it. 

“One more step.“ He wisped as his tantalizing eyes was focused on me. One more step! One more step before the dungeon will burn me alive. I took a step and closed my eyes to ready myself if ever he’ll beat me.

“Open your eyes honey…“ After hearing his gentle voice, I decided to open my eyes and was surprised to what I saw in his hands.

“A-are you sick Fergus?“ I asked. My thoughts were confused at the moment and my brain was messy with too much questions. “Is this for real?“ I felt my heart skipped a beat.

“Tsk! Does giving you a wedding ring means that I’m not in my normal state?“ He said full of sarcasm. I didn’t think about his pitch, all that’s in my mind right now was this diamond ring in front of me.

“T-thank you!“ I said full of happiness. The joy that I’m feeling right now couldn’t be compared to anything and anyone. 

For a couple like us that was just being arranged, he didn’t took some effort to make up for me before. Not until now that he finally gave me a wedding ring. I waited for three years to make this happen.

“It’s not a big thing. After all, ----“ I saw him glancing at my empty fingers then looked at me again. “A ring symbolizes that you’re already taken. This will prevent men to flirt with a married woman like you. However-----“

My happiness slowly turned to disappointments when he put the ring on the bed and quickly stood up. 

“That doesn’t mean that I’ll wear a ring just for you.“ After letting those painful words crushed me, he already take his leave.

“W-why?“ I murmured without knowing that my tears were already flowing on my cheeks. I reached out the diamond ring and was in love with it.

“At least I have you…“ I whispered as I put the ring on my ring finger. I laid on bed and raised my hand with my ring on my finger. I stared at it and I realized something.

Fergus’ always puzzles me with his actions. Sometimes he’s somewhat like a caring person, sometimes he makes me feel that he’s jealous. Rarely he’s gentle, but almost everyday he's rude and scary.

“Humph… Maybe my husband has mental disorder. Should I call our family doctor?“ I annoyingly said while remembering the past. 

“But I’m still happy that he finally gave me a ring.“ I smiled full of contentment. When we got married, we only got our marriage certificate and the form. 

Even if I wanted to experience my dream grand wedding, I couldn’t brag with it at all. I already have feelings for him five years ago, and that time, he was still very nice to me.

He would treat me for dinner and take good care of me. Not until he knew that we’re going to get married. I thought that he’s going to be happy for knowing that we can be tied together. But what he did was the opposite of all my expectations.

Cutting my memories from the past, I decided to get up in bed and took a bath. It’s already three in the afternoon and I need to freshen up myself. Maybe Fergus was nowhere to be found again.

“All done!“ After almost thirty minutes, I’m done. I comb my wet hair and wore my anime printed pajamas. Well, there’s nothing new, I’m always early in bed because this house was boring.

“Who's there?“ I shouted with full of fear because of hearing a sound outside my room. I picked up my pillow and slowly got near the door. 

Maybe there was a trespasser! I alone was living here for three years and Fergus was probably nowhere. I peeped outside and saw the back of a man that was obviously had taken a bath. I was mesmerized by his muscles and wet hair.

“What the f----" I cut him off by throwing him the pillows. “You bastard! Who are you? Don’t come near me or else----“

“Or else what?!“ I opened my eyes when I heard a familiar deep voice. “F-Fergus!“ I stuttered and didn’t know how to face his angry looks. 

“Why are you here?“ I asked then my sight landed on his eight pack abs. His face was so handsome and his body was tempting. No doubt that women and gays would definitely be crazy for his touch and attention.

“Staring is rude honey…“ He said then smirked. “Look at what you’ve done.“ My mind was frozen when my eyes goes down. I can see him! His towel was on the floor and his----his little monster was waving at me. 

“You stupid pervert!“ Because of shock, I threw the pillow again once more and wanted to burry him alive. This rude man was really out of the line.

“What the fvck are you doing woman?!“ He’s struggling to hold my hands but I stepped back and was about to go inside my room when I felt his hand on my waist. Dragging me near to him.

“Got you!“ He exclaimed. “Let me go you moron!“ I shouted and didn’t care about his punishment at all. I wanted to go in my room and hide my burning face. I struggled to get out of his grip.

“My little demon is going to eat you if you don’t behave yourself Demonise!“ I stopped when I heard his angry tone. I felt something poking my butt and I’m not that ignorant to not know what it was.

“Hmm… Stay still and don’t move.“ He’s hardly breathing and his breath was touching my ears. “That’s it honey… Behave yourself…“ He added and I can smell his normal scent. It’s good and addictive.

I could feel his hands slowly losing their grip on my waist. I could hear his deep breath and he’s hardly keeping up to it. 

“Damn you woman!“ I can sense that he’s already putting the towel but I didn’t dare to move a single inch.

I’m afraid and my mind couldn’t process. I didn’t want to look at him either. “Go to the living room and wait for me.“ He seriously said but I didn’t move.

“Where are you going?” I didn’t know why those silly words came out of my mouth. I bit my lip and want to hide my embarrassment. I heard him took a deep sighed but I didn’t look at him still.

“I’m going to take a cold shower. Don’t blame me, it’s definitely your fault.“ He said then closed the door. 

After making sure that he’s already in his room, I took a deep sighed myself.

I touched my chest that’s currently getting wild inside. The heck? Should I call myself ‘lucky‘ now? Without knowing, my lips stretched and curved a silly smile.

“His huge…“ My mind was so bad. Hehehe!

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