Chapter 17

Chapter 17

I woke up from the sound of my ringing phone. Without glancing who was the caller I answered it.

“Hello?” my voice a bit hoarse.

“Amelia, can you go to the mansion right now?”

“I’m sorry but who’s this?”

I am still yawning. My mind is still somewhere else. But the caller really have the guts to call me at 2 am.

“It’s Greta.”

“Oh yeah hi! What’s up?”

“Can you go to Nicolas tonight? He really needs your help.” She sounded so worried so I immediately said ok and went to the garage and get my car.

The cold breeze of wind enveloped in my body the moment I stepped outside my car.

I looked up to the grand Victorian mansion in front of me. I sighed. I am not supposed to be here. If Natalia will know I’m doomed. But hearing Greta’s voice makes me worry so much about Nic.

“What’s happening?” I ask her th
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