The Ballroom Meet And Greet - 1

Liza stood in front of the mirror, her hair was piled up on her head, leaving a few curls to frame her face, her midnight blue chiffon dress hugged her curves perfectly and her feet were encased in silver stilettos. She felt beautiful. There was an impatient knock on the door, quickly giving her reflection a once over she rushed to open the door. There in front of her stood a handsome Alex dressed in a gray tux, his hair slicked back. "You ready?" Alex asked taking Liza in and releasing a slow whistle. A warm blush crept into her cheeks and Alex chuckled. "Yeah sure, just let me get my wrap and clutch," Liza said as she quickly grabbed her clutch and silver silk wrap. "Come on let's go," she said. "You are looking really beautiful Liz" Alex complimented her. "Thanks, Alex, You are looking dashing too" she replied as they made their way out of the building.

After a few moments of silence had passed Alex cleared his throat. "How are you holding up Liz?" he asked, his eyes full

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