Kenji had been switched over to EJM, his new partner was less talkative. He didn’t seem to like his job very much. It made him wonder what could be so bad about working at the most loved place in the world. The line for EJ was never ending. It was the most popular attraction at the park. The carousel, from him knowledge, was second to this ride. Knowing that Emma and Kieran would be just as busy as he was made it feel as if it wasn’t unbearable.

The end of their shift came, being at a popular attraction did help with the time flying by. The two men walked down to the employees only section. Kenji tried to make small talk with him. “I didn’t get a chance to ask you before but what’s your name?”

“Hmm? Oh, it’s Camereon. You’re Kenji, right? You worked with the little princess before right?”

He tilted his head to the right, questioning what he had heard. “Little princess? You mean Miss Emma Jean? Why would you call her that?”

“You’ll understand when you’

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