Detective Hanson sighed. This wasn’t an ideal hostage situation but nothing is ideal when you have mentally disturbed people involved. He scratched his head with free hand. “Ok, so you’ll let his parents and Emma Jean go?”

Emma jean answered for herself. “No, Kenji needs to reject me in front of her. I have to stay. Just worry about his parents and not about me.”

“Yes, she understands the situation so don’t get in our way. Once he tells me he loves me and not her then we can all end this as peacefully as we can. Don’t try anything funny.”

Detective Hanson gulped knowing what the end result would be. “We won’t. I’m sending someone in now.” He motioned for one of his men to go forward unarmed to get the couple.

The man knocked on the door and opened it. He walked into seeing Emma Jean being held with a gun to her head. Her hands were balled into a fist. He thought he seen something but shook his head.

Shannon motioned to the kitchen. “Hurry and

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