Anyone will not be blessed with every happiness god makes them to lack atleast onething in their life no matter how rich they're or poor they're

But some people never understands what they're lacking or never tries to find it in order to fulfill it because according to them they have everything

But people like these when they meet right situation or right person they'll know what exactly they need

At the sametime our don have everything rich life, powerful family, handsome features according to world and him but the truth is he also lacks something but he never cares about it though one part of his heart tries to remind him what exactly he needs to survive

But he don't have enough time to think about it according to him everything is winning and gaining profit

Even our destiny is quite tricky it makes us to meet someone who is extreme opposite to us just to remind us what exactly we lost

Coming to point the time 6:00am the alarm is ringing with high sound don woke up

He went to gym after fresh up he went to company directly

he seen the table of reception where papers are fallen like a trash he simply ordered his assistant to send dismissal letter to receptionist he is Mr. Perfect in work and he wants perfection in every thing

For some people whatever he do it is correct as he is their role model because he came to business field as a intern and started a startup business later turned into best business man in the whole country

But for some people he is a cruel monster girls started gossiping the moment they seen him but he never cares what people thinks about him he simply went to his cabin and started working

He dismissed nearly 30 people out of his company just because of their simple mistakes for them those might be simple but for him they're the most unforgivable mistakes

He never tolerates mistakes and betrayal in his life suddenly a lady entered into his cabin with dismissal letter in her hands which was sent by him

She showed it to him and said "being a team leader I treat everyone of my team as my children if they did a mistake you have a right to question but instead you decided to remove the team leader that too with a statement that I'm not qualified to be a team leader

For you it's so easy to judge a person or to remove a person just because you're the boss

you will never be able to understand a person's grief for you the job of mine is so easy to hire or fire

But you know what a person like me should have hundreds of interviews to get this position if in case I fail to get then my family must starve

Being a mother of children and working for someone loyal even after knowing one day you'll get fired

this is our life if your mother is in my place and if you're in my children place that day you'll know how exactly the pain look at the people outside how they're struggling then you'll know value of someone's effort not here sitting in a air conditioned room and judging someone"

By saying this she left room though there is a pain in her words but there is no trace of tears in her eyes because she is the person who have self respect

Her words started to roam inside his head he stood from his seat and went out

He started driving the car alone whenever he feels disturbed he goes for a drive alone

Because his dad used to take him out whenever his dad gets into argument with his mom

His car tyre got punctured so he came out of the car and called to his assistant about this

He started walking into streets while observing everything

he seen a little girl on footpath crying bitterly but no one caring for her

Instead the people kicked her for being in their way he didn't understood what kind of society is he reminded that lady's words

He went near the girl and asked "why you're crying" she replied "brother sobb I'm hungry sobb dad said he will be back sobb and left me and mom here but didn't came sobbb mom asked me to stay here only sobb I dont know where is she sobb I'm hungry sobb I didn't ate anything since from two days"

Her words made him stunned and reminded his childhood dark past days he found a pastry shop nearby he went there and brought cookies

He gave her the cookies packet she started eating them she took a piece of cookie and feeded him

suddenly a tear escaped from his eyes this is the first time after 19 years tears came in his eyes

He looked at her in astonishment at the sametime he got call from his assistant so he went aside

But when he returned he didn't seen the girl anymore he checked for her everywhere but she is no where he asked nearby people they said they dont know liam and dhiren came to him

Liam asked "what happened man" don explained everything dhiren and Liam both got shocked after listening

They went near don personal psychiatrist after meeting him they explained everything

Doctor made some hypnotic thing and tried to know what exactly happened which made him to lock his emotions but his effort gone in vain

Don is having rest doctor returned to dhiren and liam

Dhiren : doctor what happened will he able to become normal as in past

Doctor : sorry Mr.dhiren I tried my level best but this slight emotion is not sufficient to unlock his memory which caused him to loose the emotions moreover situation is out of my hands now

I can't guarantee whether he can get his emotions back or not but by God's grace he can get by himself if the same situation comes to him

Liam : for that we needs to know what happened right

Doctor : I agree but we can't do anything because he is out of the period of curable slowly the sense of touch ability also decreases more for now he is having less percentage bit after today's session I understood it's in critical stage




Dhiren and liam became silent doctor left after saying what he wants to say

Dhiren : I thought he'll become normal

Liam : even I thought same

Dhiren : why god makes him suffer this much

Liam : who knows but since from childhood I can see his pain

Dhiren : god is cruel towards him



Don came back to consciousness liam told everything but don didn't spoke anything he just asked liam to appoint the lady back to her place

Liam was shocked but he know very well that don wont take any decision unnecessarily so agreed to him

Don told to his assistant zayn to announce interviews for intern job after saying these don left to his home directly and slept without having dinner

But due to his insomnia he is unable to sleep no matter how many tablets he takes today he is unable to sleep so he started working on his new company establishment

But he dont know there is someone who observed him and his heart today.....

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