chapter 5.5

Jone's POV

'Fuck!' I mutter under my breath as I punch my office wall angrily and aggressively.

My own brother wants to fight over my soul mate with me? Even though we are not the best of brothers, I would never wish this on him.

He wants to do this as a way to eliminate me but I will not give him that chance. Not at all!

 He will never have the chance to execute his evil plans as long as I have my mate under my watch.

I do not even know why he wants to do this.

After all, I am not the one who caused that curse on him. 

But who am I kidding? It is not like Asmodeus has ever liked me anyways. 

I do not really give a damn whether he likes me or not but one thing I am certain of is that, I am not allowing him any where near my mate. Never!

And the problem of whether I want her or not should not even be his problem in the first place. 

Asmodai POV

I am going to make extra sure that I make his his life a living hell, I will make him have a taste of what I have been enduring.

After all, he is one creature who is more important to father and an essential being in both the supernatural and human world.

And not to talk of the extraordinary powers he has which will all be in my possession once I get rid of him. 

Haha, this is exactly what the humans will call, killing two birds with a single stone. That should be more fun than I initially anticipated.

And talking about getting rid of him, I will use his own beautiful and hot mate to do the job. 

After getting him out of the way, I will get the bitch to satisfy my undying lust.

'Oh how I already want to do that..........

Third Person's POV

'OMG! did I just hear you say the hottie just asked you to be his personal assistant?’ Marigold asks loudly in order for Susan to hear her words due to the loud blasting of speakers.

'Yes! And I am starting tomorrow' Susan responds excitedly.

The two bestfriends are at one of Marigold’s college friends' birthday party.

Susan has already told her bestfriend about Mr. Black's reaction when he saw Jack trying to force himself on her some few hours ago.

A drunk Marigold also concludes that Mr. Black may indeed actually like Susan, which makes Susan almost shout her lungs out.

But should the words of a drunk woman even be taken serious? 

'You are so lucky my friend. You have finally found your prince...charming' Marigold says as she cries dramatically. 

They are all so tipsy right now that they are not talking any sense.

'' Susan slurs, gulping down another shot of vodka.

'And when will I find mine?' Marigold asks childishly with a pout.

'Ve...ry soon, very so..on' Susan says just as a big hand pulls her away from Marigold’s side.

Marigold on the other hand is even more drunk and too focused on blabbering about finding her prince charming that she fails to notice her best-friend been pulled away and she also fails to notice the presence of the handsome hottie who occupies the vacant seat.

Jone's POV

Ohmy! What has even become of this generation?

They are so reckless. She could not even resist when I pulled her from her friend. 

 She is too wasted to even try and protect herself.

I am so angry at her right now, that I want to just punish her.

How can a woman possibly be this drunk at a party that she could not even notice a man touch her.?

If Asmodeus had seen her before I did then......  


I do not want to even want to think about it the things that could have happened. 


James' POV

'I..I need a prince charming' the beauty in-front of me says, crying and pouting in a very cute way. 

My mate is so beautiful. More beautiful than I imagined.

I never imagined this is how our first encounter was going to be. 

Me finding her so recklessly drunk at a friend's party. 

I mean, her friend is also drunk so how did they expect to go home? 

I was annoyed at Jones for forcing me to come and look for his mate but now I thank the heavens that I came.. 

Her flushed face makes her look so cute that I just want to mark her right here and now.

'Will..wi..will you be my prince charming? ' she says, still crying which almost makes me want to break out in some serious fit of laughter.

She is acting so childish right now but I am not complaining. She is so cute and adorable this way.

'Ok let's get you home and then after that, I will think about it if I want to be your prince charming' I say smiling whiles I try to carry her bridal style, which does not really involve a lot of energy.

I finally get her in my arms. She buries her face in my neck and a few minutes later, I hear her soft snores.

Can't blame her, she is too wasted to even focus. 

I am just thankful that we came at the right time. She could have been in this state in someone elses' arms.

Third Person's POV

'I think we should take them now. It is not save for them here.' Jones tells his friend, James.

'I thought you did not like her? Or has her charm made you change your mind?' James asks teasingly.

'Hey buddy, You know I am not one to spit on the floor and wipe it back with my own tongue' Jones replies with his egotistical self, in full display.

'I hate her and I will always do. Now, I will advice you to focus on your little toy than sniffing into my love life' Jones continues to tell James but this time, with an annoying smirk on his face.

'Hey! Do not call my mate a toy and as for you, I know you will fall for her. It is just a matter of time' James says as a matter-of-a-fact.

'Do not think too much, bro' Jones replies with a serious tone.

'We shall live to see' James replies with a challenging voice.

'Okay, but do you think we should take them now?' Jones ask, switching back to his regular serious mode.

'Yes. I mean, now that we have found them after all these years of waiting, we should not waste time and most of your rivals will try to get to you or even me by trying to hurt them' James tells him.

'Yeah. I know' Jones replies curtly.

'We should not take chances. Asmodeus is dangerous and you know that.’ James says and Jones nods to it.

'Yeah, I would not mind leaving my mate here but I have to take her for my own reasons, for my own good friend.’ Jones says, staring into nothingness.

Author’s note;

Thank you for reading, stay safe.

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