Fabian walked to the nurse’s station and frowned, rapping his knuckles against the surface of the desk.

“Fabian Williams!”

A lanky young man in a janitor’s jumper shot straight up at the sight of him from a chair at the nurse’s station. He had been slouching off, ogling at the busty nurse who was also too engrossed with the man’s busy hands to notice Fabian’s arrival.

“I’m here to see Anson Banks.”

“Oh, but we have orders to restrict the number of visitors…” the same nurse from the day before got up from her chair, soothing her crumpled uniform. It seemed to Fabian that the man in the janitor’s jumper did more than just ogle at the nurse.

But it was non of his business and Fabian was not used to taking ‘no’ for an answer, “Where’s the official notice? I don’t see any.”

The man in the jumper scratched the back of his neck sheepishly and stammered, “Well..uh…Detective Grant said –“

Fabian’s eyes narrowed with disapproval as he lo

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