Anson Banks sat at the edge of the bed looking at a photo on his mobile. It was a selfie of both Amber and himself taken during his high school graduation. His graduation hat was lopsided and she had on a goofy grin; how happy they had been then. It was a picture worth a thousand words.

“There you go,” Kirk the policeman stood back up, taking the cuffs from Anson’s ankles. “You’re a free man now.”

A free man….the words danced around his mind like gipsies around a bonfire. Only the fire was too bright and too hot. He winced at the words knowing that his freedom came at a price - a price that his sister was paying for with her own freedom.

Anson sighed and slipped the phone into the back pocket of his loose khaki slacks. The bandages had come off but his skin was still raw and extremely sensitive. Part of the skin on his thigh had been scraped off when he hit the asphalt in the accident and because of that, the doctor had advised him to wear loose and

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