Butterfly and the CEO
Butterfly and the CEO
Author: Helen Stephens


Butterfly and the Ceo

Ellie’s point of view

Chapter one

I sigh as I look around the cheap and most definitely not cheerful hotel room, muttering to myself as I swing my legs to the cold threadbare floor.

“Come on, Ellie, time to get this lazy ass moving.”

I laugh out loud as I realise I’m talking to myself. I can't help but smile. I may be in this cheap shitty hotel room, but it's my first glimpse of freedom in a very long time and boy, does it feel good. 

I make my way over to the curtains, still smiling as I open them and force the filth-ridden widow open; it takes some effort to lift the heavy old wooden frame, but it finally gives, and I peep my head out to take a deep breath. Yes, today will be a good day, the day I can finally make a new start and never look back. 

Heading into the tiny bathroom, I turn on the creaky old shower, the water isn't very hot, but I jump in anyway, washing my hair and body, careful not to touch the mouldy wall. Climbing out of the shower, I throw a towel around me, heading back to the other room, drying my hair and putting on some natural-looking makeup. 

Pulling open the small tatty suitcase that contains the few clothes I own. I pull out a plain black knee-length pencil skirt and simple white blouse with long sleeves, pulling the sleeves down to cover the scars still visible on my wrists; I finish off with an elegant bun and a pair of black high heels. 

It's Seven am, and I'm making my way out of the tiny hotel room with my precious portfolio tucked tightly under my arm. I don't want to be late for this interview. I desperately need this job as my savings won't last me much longer; looking at my watch, I giggle, I'm so early.

I decide to pick up a coffee from a cute little cafe facing Harris Corps designs; I walk over to the counter to place my order, the handsome man serves me with a friendly smile as he says.

“Good morning, Madam; what can I get for you on this beautiful morning.”

“Just a latte, please,” I reply.

“So what brings a beautiful lady like you here.”

He asks with a cheeky wink as he places the cup of coffee in front of me.

I laugh as I reply.

“I have an interview at Harris Corps Designs.”

He nods his head as he says.

“Ahhh, I see; well, good luck with the interview, Miss?”

I giggle at his blatant flirting as I take the cup from him and say.

“Thank You.”

I'm still smiling as I make my way over to a quiet table in the corner of the room, trying to juggle my portfolio and coffee at the same time. Sipping the coffee as I watch the world pass by me, I love to watch people but then again, at one time, It was all I had to pass the time, locked away from the world with just a tiny window to look out. Once I've finished my coffee, I return the cup to the counter. The young man smiles as he says.

“Thank you, sorry I didn't get your name.”

I roll my eyes as I reply,   “I didn't give it.”

He laughs as he says.

“Well, Miss, the name is Connor; good luck with your interview, and I hope we will meet again.”

“Maybe…. The name is Ellie, by the way.”

I laugh as I wave goodbye, telling him my name as I walk through the door before crossing the busy street as I make my way to the Harris Corps Designs building. Once inside, I find myself standing at the front of an imposing reception desk as I smile at the lady behind the desk.

“Hi, I'm Ellie Simms. I have an interview this morning with Mr Harris.” 

She smiles as she says.

“Good morning Miss Simms.”

I cringe as she looks down her glasses at my clothes before she stands in her smart business dress as she shakes my hand.

“You're early. Please take a seat Miss Simms, and I'll let Mr Harris know that you have arrived.” 

I Make my way to the little seating area as she picks up her phone, and I hear her say.

“Mr Harris, there is a Miss Simms here to see you……..Yes, sir, right away.”

She makes her way over to me as she says.

“Miss Simm, Mr Harris will see you now, If you'd like to follow me.”

She sets off towards the lift, and I find myself having to run behind her to keep up, with my portfolio still tucked tight under my arm. We take the lift to the top floor, where she leads me down a long corridor, where she knocks on the door at the end.  A deep masculine voice calls out from behind the door. 

“Please come in.”

I'm shocked as I walk in behind her, as possibly the biggest and most handsome man I've ever seen stands from his desk, smiling as he says.

“Thank you, Mrs Austin, Miss Simms; it's nice to meet you; please take a seat.”

I regain my composure as I reply.

“Thank You, Mr Harris, and Likewise, I've heard so much about you and Harris Corps designs.”

I answer back, unable to stop the blush that forms on my cheeks as he says.

“All good, I hope. Miss Simms, I've had a look through the designs you emailed to me, and I'm very impressed; I see you've brought your portfolio with you.

“Yes,”  I reply as I place the folder on the desk; our hand's touch for a second as he takes the folder from me, sending electric shivers through me; I pull my hand away, blushing as he studies my work.

“Impressive, Miss Simms.” He says as he flicks through the pages.

“Thank you, Mr Harris.”

He smiles, turning his eyes to look at me as he says.

“Miss Simms, I would like to offer you the position on my design team. I'm very impressed with your work. I'm hoping you can start on Monday?”

“Yes….Yes, Monday is good.”

I answer back, a little too enthusiastic; I can't help myself, I'm finally moving on with my life, and things are starting to look up.

He chuckles as he says.

“Well, thank you, Miss Simms. I will see you at eight-thirty on Monday morning."

He stands up to shake my hand; good lord, this man is like a mountain; I blush again as he takes my hand in his, sending an electric current straight to my core. 

“I look forward to it, Miss Simms.”

I look down as I realise he's still holding my hand as his eyes cast over the faint scars still visible on my wrists; I quickly pull my hand free embarrassed by the faint scars that still mar my skin.

He studies my face as I hastily try to open the door with my portfolio. He reaches over to open the door; I can't help the involuntary flinch as I turn my head away. He pulls away when he sees the fear in my eyes, taking a step back with a concerned look on his face before he pulls the door open as I hastily make my exit towards the lift.

I race out with my heart in my mouth; Mrs Austin raises her eyebrows as I run past her. Once outside, I take a few deep breaths and smile

Yes…...yes…..Time to move on……

I'm still smiling as I make my way back to the little cafe, deciding to treat myself now that I have a job.

Conner raises his head when I walk inside; he smiles as he says,

“Hello again, Ellie, couldn't keep away from me then?” 

I giggle as I reply.

“I'm celebrating, and I'll have a piece of your chocolate cake and a latte, please.”

He smiles as he says,

“Right away, Ellie, take a seat. I'll bring it over to you, and congratulations. I hope this means that I get to see more of you.”  

I'm smiling as I make my way back to the corner table. I like Connor; he has such an easy way about him; I could see him as a friend, and It's been a long time since I had any friends in my life; I'm still smiling when he places the cake and drink in front of me before I turn to watch the world rushing by the window.


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