Adam & Jenna
Adam & Jenna
Author: Missy Anna

First Meet

In a huff, Jenna put her clothes in the suitcase. She didn't understand her father, who this time has gone too far.

Seriously, Jenna, who was 28 years old, will be matched with an old businessman who has a lot of warts on his face!

Debt is a debt, but why must Jenna be sacrificed?

If Jenna wanted to stop the matchmaking, she must have at least 1 billion dollars to pay off her father's debt to the old man.

"Jenna, you don't have any intention of running away, do you?" asked Mr. Johnson, Jenna's father, with a pitiful face.

Jenna stopped packing, then looked up at her father with immeasurable emotion.

"Dad, I've been planning this solo trip from six months ago! Running away? Really?!" Jenna shouted with exasperation.

Mr. Johnson breathed a sigh of relief, he could not bear to match his only daughter with Martin the old fart. But he was threatened with imprisonment, so he inevitably had to do this matchmaking.

"I'm sorry Jenna if there was another way I wouldn't force you. You know that, right? Just this time Jenna, please help me..."

If only Mum had been around right now, she would have gone all out for Jenna. But Jenna's mother has been dead since Jenna was just a teenager. So like it or not Jenna had to obey her father's wishes.

"The deal is only to get married, right?! I will run away after that, I don't care!" said Jenna angrily. 

Mr. Johnson lowered his head,

"Yeah, I guess, the important thing is you marry Martin soon after you get back from your trip. I'll tell Martin about this,"

That's how Jenna started her morning before she left for the airport. No matter how hard her father prevented her from leaving, Jenna moved forward unperturbed.

Jenna had been planning this solo trip for six months. She painstakingly saved her salary as a freelance writer, whose numbers sometimes went up and sometimes went down.

Two months earlier Jenna had registered for a Schengen Visa, and today Jenna is ready to travel around Europe. Secretly in her heart, she intended to run away. If possible.

Jenna was fast asleep from the moment the plane took off until the plane arrived at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. She winced dazzled at the plane's lights that had suddenly been turned on.

Jenna's eyes suddenly grew fresh with excitement. She pulled her black suitcase to a coffee shop to buy hot coffee because the weather was so cold that it reached 0 degrees Celsius.

Jenna tightened her long john and coat as she waited for the hot coffee to finish. In the corner of the sofa not far from her, Jenna saw a young man whose face looked very handsome.

"He's handsome, but his face looks so arrogant," Jenna muttered to herself as she continued to assess the appearance of the young man who seemed to be very rich.

The young man looked back at Jenna, with lightning speed Jenna immediately turned her gaze to the barista who was making her coffee.

Suddenly the man walked over to Jenna, making Jenna uncomfortable. Maybe he felt offended that Jenna had been so openly staring and judging him.

Jenna pretended not to care as she continued to stare at the barista, "From Vancouver, huh?" asked the man in a super flat voice.

'What! How does he know I'm from Vancouver? I don't know if I'm that famous? When did I ever put a picture of my face? Jeez! is he a psychic!' Jenna kept guessing in her heart without answering the man who stood towering over her face.

As if he understood what's in Jenna's mind, The man pointed to Jenna's suitcase with a tag that read, YVR Canada.

Jenna immediately cleared her throat in embarrassment, she took her coffee order at the barista and stood facing the bitchy man.

"Yes? What's wrong with that?" Jenna asked in an overly important voice.

"I want to ask a few questions, can you sit down for a while on the sofa there?" asked the man, already trying to be polite but somehow it still sounded like he was commanding.

Jenna frowned,

"How do I know if you are not a bad person?" she began to be alert and gripped her hot coffee tightly.

"One, we are in a crowded and safe place. Two, you can scream when I do something bad. Three, I don't see anything valuable that I can take from you," said the man in a flat tone.

Glancing at the Man sarcastically, Jenna dragged her trunk to the sofa where the man was sitting, then she threw herself on it. Shortly thereafter the man in cream chino pants and a long Burberry coat sat in front of her. 

"Hurry up! what's the matter?" Jenna asked, looking at the man with an appealing gaze. 'A Rolex watch! Looks like he's a rich man!' Jenna screamed in her head.

"So I came here unexpectedly. I haven't had time to book a hotel and it turns out that all hotels are already full. Even 5-star hotels, all full!"

The man was silent for a moment to pause. before the man could continue, Jenna had already interrupted, "So? You mean I have to share the hotel room with you?!"

The man was surprised at Jenna's thought,

"It's not room sharing, I'm not interested in sleeping with you. I want to pay for the hotel you've booked for 10 times the price!" Said the man as he took his coffee and then sipped it slowly, studying the reaction of the woman in front of him.

WHAT! 10 TIMES the price?

Jenna was tempted, not bad for extra pocket money though! But where should Jenna sleep later?

"No Thanks, it's winter now, I don't want to death freezing on the streets. Okay, then good luck! I have to catch the train! Bye!” Jenna stood ready to pull her trunk.

"30 times!" shouted the man suddenly.

Jenna stopped her step, wow! One thought crossed Jenna's mind. She looked at the man, then said. "50 times and we're sharing the room."

The man glared in disbelief as if he felt his pride stained. "Sharing the room? No! Never!" he said with his handsome annoying face.

Jenna shrugged as if she didn't care, then she turned around to leave. She counted in her mind, for some reason she was so sure she could get extra money for her traveling provision this time. "Okay! Okay! I'm in!" the man shouted at last. 

Not long after that, two strangers who barely know each other were walking side by side in the Schiphol Plaza Area, arguing between taking a taxi or taking a train.

"I want to try taking the metro! If you don't want to come, that's up to you!" Jenna said as she headed for the descending escalator that led to Schiphol Railway Station.

Reluctant to argue, the man decided to follow Jenna behind. While waiting for the metro to come, Jenna turned her head to the Man with the gaze she made as wild as possible.

"I want to see your ID! Well, just in case, who knows you are a bad person or even a recidivist," Jenna started to be a little nonsense.

The man irritably took out his passport and gave it to Jenna.

Adam Lynch

30 years

Vancouver, Canada

She cleared her throat slightly, then took a picture of Adam's passport. After that, she returned it. 

"Okay Adam, I'll officially introduce myself. My name is Jenna Johnson. Just call me Jenna. From now on until checkout, you have to follow my rules, okay?" Jenna said with a sweet smile, she was already imagining that she would be paid 50 times from the rent bill of her room!

Adam snorted sarcastically, then slipped his passport back into his coat pocket.

"Is Jenna even your real name? Or is it just your fake name?" Adam asked with a flat face.

Annoyed, Jenna pulled out her passport, then showed it sticky to Adam's face.

"Read here! Jenna Johnson!" Jenna scolded irritably.

Jenna wanted to continue her scolding, but Adam was saved by the arrival of the metro which would take them to Sloterdijk Station.

The metro that night was not very full, there were only a few people in one car. Jenna and Adam sat next to each other but looked away from each other.

In his mind, Adam cursed his bad luck for forgetting to book a hotel and having to deal with an abstract creature like Jenna, who looks like a mercenary.

Meanwhile, Jenna was busy multiplying the amount of money she would get, and she even started planning additional itineraries for her solo travel agenda.

Arriving at Sloterdijk Station, Jenna pulled her suitcase towards the exit of the station. Incidentally, the inn recommended by her friend was not far from there.

"Are we going to walk?" Adam asked as he watched Jenna started walking down the sidewalk. "Just come along, you chatterbox!" Jenna said without turning her head.

"The map said 100 meters from the station, right?" Jenna muttered to herself.

She was embarrassed to look at the map, so she decided to keep walking on her instincts. After walking some distance Adam started grumbling, "Why is it so far! Where is the hotel!"

"It's only 100 meters!"

Jenna twisted, pulling out her cell phone, then re-opening her travel log.

She paused, glanced at Adam with her innocent face. "Why?!" Adam snapped irritably. Jenna bit her lip, then showed him the note on her cell phone.

"1000 meters ?!"

Adam shouted right in Jenna's ear.


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