Chapter 2. In The Crossroad of Hope

After ending the conversation with his wife, Lusi, Dirman wasn't focus with the lecture meeting he attended. He seemed like didn't care about the meeting that discussing about work plans and evaluation of the university. 

In the Dirman's mind, he kept imagining about hospital cost that he would pay for the whole process of hospital care. It made him a little bit dazed.

At 04.30 p.m, the meeting just ended. Without any further thought, Dirman directly called Reno for giving willingness of the previous cooperation offer from PT. Adimio Jaya. Their talk was quite brief, in just five minutes the talk already ended.

"Thank you for your willingness, Dirman. I hope we can cooperate well" said Reno

"I hope so, I am so thankful for the offering" said Dirman

"So for next week you can directly join us to check the mall-building project location right?" explained Reno

Dirman's decision to receive the cooperation offering from PT. Adimio Jaya seemed like a good deal, for now. Who doesn't need money right? thought him.


A day after that, he signed cooperation letter with PT. Adimio Jaya to audit AMDAL (Environmental Impact Analysis) documents of mall-building project. 

For Dirman's willingness to sign the letter, he got 10% bonus of the total amount that he could get later after the work had been done. Bonus that he got considered as a gift that he wanted to cooperate in the mall-building project in the south of Malang.

The bonus money that he got definitely would go for his son's hospital care

"I feel relieved. Finally I can get money for Rivan's hospital care" said him with himself

He immediately called his wife, Lusi, for the happy news that he just got.

"Thank God. I already got money for Rivan's treatment."

"Thank god. Rivan and I just arrived at the hospital. Now, our child is still being treated in the Intensive Care Units (ICU)" explained Lusi.

"I will go directly to the hospital after coming back from University, then. Sorry, I can't take you guys to the hospital today because there were some business that I had to handle." asked Dirman.

"Yes, Pa. I understand your position for now. I will wait for you in the hospital," hoped Lusi.

At 05.00 p.m, Dirman had just finished few of office assignments that he had to do. He directly went to the Bahari Medika hospital. As soon as he got there, he immediately approached Lusi who was in front of the Delima room, where Rivan underwent the treatment process after being in the hospital's ICU this morning. However, the team of doctors had not allowed the two of them to enter the room because of Rivan's unstable condition.

"Mom, how is our son?" asked Dirman.

"Rivan, Pa. Our son," hugged Lusi while crying on Dirman's shoulder.

"Calm down ma, calm down. Rivan will quickly recover. God will always help us," said Dirman while rubbing Lusi's forehead.

"Yes, pa. Did you accept Mr. Reno's offer earlier?" asked Lusi.

"I've already accept it and signed the cooperation letter this afternoon in the university" answered Dirman.

"Then, when will you start working with them?" asked Lusi again.

"In the near future, ma. Probably next week," answered Dirman.

Lusi hugged Dirman again as tightly as she could while staring on each other's eye. "Please be careful while auditting the AMDAL (Environmental Impact Analysis) documents for the project. I am still worried about you."

When they still hugged each other tightly, the team of doctors who had treated Rivan met the both of them.

"Sorry, sir, ma'am. Your beloved son needs some time to have a rest. You can come in and wait for him in the room," said Doctor Edo, representing the team of doctors.

"How's our son's condition, doc?" asked Dirman.

"Thank god. We already gave our best medical treatment so that his condition can be stable. However, your son still has to be treated here in preparation for surgery in the near future," said Doctor Edo.

"Thank you for handling our child patiently, doc" said Lusi.

"You're welcome, ma'am. We'll leave first," said Doctor Edo while leaving the room with the other team of doctors.

Dirman and Lusi entered the room. They immediately could see Rivan who lied in the bed with eyes tightly shut, wrapped in an IV in his hand and a breathing equipment in his nose. Both of them could only sit down on the chair while patiently accompanying their son who was still battling with his illness.

After 8 pm, both of them fell fast asleep on the sofa chair because the drowsiness they felt after a full day of activities.

In the middle of the night when both of them fell asleep, heavy rain flushed Malang at that time. Accompanied by numerous thunders hitting on the outside, he heard two people shouting back at each other.

Suddenly, when Rivan's eyes were still closed, Rivan's body moved on the bed, his face turned right and left like someone who was having a nightmare or panicked. Dirman and Lusi woke up and were shocked, then Dirman immediately went to the hospital lobby to meet the nurses.

"Ma'am, my child needs treatment now in the Delima Room," pleaded Dirman with anxious feeling.

"Fine, sir. I will call the team to go there immediately," replied the guard.

After that, the team of doctors and Dirman immediately headed to the Delima Room on the 3rd floor of the hospital, which was quite far from the lobby of the nurses on the 1st floor.

Arriving at the Delima Room, the team of doctors and nurses immediately closed the curtains around Rivan's bed. Dirman and Lusi could only wait and hope for the best from outside the curtains, hope there was nothing bad about Rivan's condition.

"Sinta, please check the patient's blood pressure and the others will start checking the oxygen level in the tube," ordered Doctor Robert, who was currently handling Rivan.

"Yes, sir." that’s the only thing they could heard from outside of the curtain. Dirman patiently tried to calm her wife down, who kept shedding tears from her beautiful eyelids.

Not long after, the team of doctors had finished medical treatment. This time, the team's faces were tense.

"Sir, ma'am, it seems that your son should be immediately transferred to a regional public hospital in Surabaya because his condition is getting worse by time. This hospital does not have proper equipments to treat your son’s disease," said Doctor Robert verbally.

"What happened with our son, doc? What happened?" said Lusi while panicking.

"Please calm down, calm down." said Dirman.

"After we did further examination, it was found that your son had comlications. We can conclude that he also suffered from hepatitis B as well as lung cancer, sir." explained Doctor Robert.

"So, what's the solution, sir?" asked Dirman to make sure.

"Your son must be transferred to Surabaya this morning, sir. Heading to the regional public hospital, for optimal treatment." said Doctor Robert.

"Fine, if that’s the best that we can do, sir. As long as our child can recover well," said Dirman.

Not long after that, Rivan was taken to the Ambulance car from Bahari Medika hospital to be immediately transferred to Hospital in Surabaya. Dirman and Lusi quickly followed the steps of the doctor team heading to the Ambulance.

After arrived in front of the Ambulance, Rivan immediately got into the ambulance.

"Lusi, you have to accompany Rivan in the Ambulance. I will follow you from behind using our car." Dirman message, which Lusi immediately obeyed with a nod of his head, without a single sentence coming out of Lusi's mouth.

The clock showed at 03.00 a.m, the sequence of Ambulance and car driven by Dirman began to leave the area of the Bahari Medika hospital.

Both the ambulance and car driven by Dirman was hitting the road with speed of 70 km/hour heading to Surabaya. Surabaya, the city where Rivan's hope to live will be at stake in the hands of the medical team there.

"God, I am surrender for all of the tests you have already given to my little family. Hopefully, you are willing to recover my son from the pain he is currently suffering from."

That's Dirman's biggest hope from his deepest heart to God while driving his car.

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