Chapter 3. Under Siege of White Smoke

Both of the cars drove so fast heading to Surabaya with average speed of 80 km/hour which was faster than before. Moreover, the road condition was still quiet with not many people passing by.

After 90 minutes passed by, both of the cars entered the Surabaya-Gempol toll road. It still took another 30 minutes to arrive at their destination.

Suddenly without any notice, the ambulance carrying Rivan pulled over to the left road's shoulder. Dirman was so shocked and immediately stopped his car right behind the ambulance.

Ambulance's driver and medics hurriedly got out of the ambulance without stopping the engine's car. Likewise, Dirman also quickly got out of his car.

"Why did the ambulance stop here, sir?" Dirman asked the driver.

"Just take a look, sir. We had flat tire sir, our left front tire to be exact" explained the driver.

"Oh god, this is bad. Then what is the solution so that my child can quickly get to Surabaya, sir?" asked Dirman.

"If I may suggest, what if Rivan is transferred to your car? Because there is no way we can continue with this ambulance," explained Danu, a medical officer who was inside the ambulance.

"That will be good, no problem" said Dirman

Without waiting any longer, two medics from the ambulance, Danu and Adi, quickly transferred Rivan from the ambulance to the Dirman's car. Lusi who previously accompanying Rivan on the ambulance also got in the car with her husband.

"Dian, we will go first then. Please immediately call the toll road staff and mechanics to go fix the ambulance" told Danu to the ambulance's driver

"Yes sir, We will try to escort Rivan until the hospital" said Adi

"That's okay, the most important thing is that Rivan can arrive at the hospital safely. I will handle this problem" said Dian to make sure

Not long after that, they continued the road to the hospital. At that time, there were five people inside the car which are Lusi, Rivan with IV on his hand, Danu, Adi and Dirman who was behind the wheel.

At 5.15 a.m, they just arrived at regional hospital that was quite trusted and publicly known as the best referral hospital with the most equipped hospital in east java.

After coordinating with the medical team of Hadiwijoyo hospital which was the hospital that previously treated Rivan, Rivan directly went into intensive care units.

Meanwhile, Dirman and Lusi headed to administration and office department of the hospital in order to fill the registration document and other administrative purposes that they must fill. While waiting for their turn, both of them talked privately that seemed to be important.

"Is this the effect of my fault in the past? That cause Rivan had to suffer like this, now" regretted Dirman

"What was your mistake?" asked Lusi 

"My mistake that was already in the past" said Dirman 

====== 5 years ago, July 2011 ======

"Papa, did you know that Rivan coughed even more because of your cigarette's smoke" said Lusi who were still newlyweds at that time 

"You're so noisy. I am still busy making presentation for my proposal thesis seminar" Dirman replied irritably while sipping coffee and doing his task at the laptop. Even though it's Sunday, he was still diligently working on many tasks for his completion of master studies. 

"But you can put out the cigarettes first, or you can do it in the front of house" said Lusi while refusing to budge.

Dirman often did not agree to the words of his wife. The newlyweds often disagreed when discussing something at that time.

"Huhh... you are a father but doesn't act like one. Hmm.." complained Lusi 

"Come on son, let's go inside the room so that you can't smell your father's cigarette smoke. Don't cry, let's go inside" said Lusi to Rivan who was only 2 years old 

Lusi was comfortably accompanying Rivan until his son fell asleep. Now that Rivan has just fallen asleep, Lusi returned to Dirman who was still busy with his thesis 

"Don't forget, this afternoon at around 12 o'clock, my mother and father want to stop by and visit us" said Lusi 

"Okay, then. Do I need to pick them up at the station?" asked Dirman

"No need, they'll go with their own car" said Lusi

"What's wrong with you just now? why did you upset to me?" asked Dirman 

"It's because of you, yesterday you had already promised to me that you want to quit smoking. Your son often coughs because of your cigarettes" Lusi complained

"You just over exagerrated the things that I did. Maybe, it's just a normal cough" said Dirman 

"It's been two weeks and it still hasn't been done yet. How is that normal?" complained Lusi

"Okay then, I will stop smoking when your father and mother come" replied Dirman 

"Huh, you always say that. You only stop smoking when there were my father and mother came by and after that, you'll continue to smoke again" complained Lusi 

"Then, I am the one who always makes mistake just like you said" said Dirman lightly

"Of course, women are always right" said Lusi

"That's what you always said, women are always right. I'm not quitting for now, but I promised to start smoking less than before" said Dirman

"It's that true? just watch out if you're lying. If you're lying, I won't cook for you anymore" threated Lusi, jokingly. This time the wrinkles on his face began to gradually subside.

"Yes, I promise you," said Dirman.

Tin..Tin..Tin ..

It sounds like a car horn. Sure enough, there was already old 1990s sedans that had stopped in front of the house. Lusi immediately opened the front door when dirman was still doing his thesis on the laptop

"Father and mother just came, Pa" said Lusi

"Don't you say that they will come at noon" said Dirman surprised while looking the clock which just showed 9 in the morning.

Dirman hurriedly put out the cigarette then meet his father-in-law

"How have you been? are you healthy?" asked Lusi's father

"I am fine, sir" said Dirman 

"How's your master studies? did you finish it already?" asked Lusi's father again

"Not yet sir. But I will present my thesis proposal on the day after tomorrow" answered Dirman then kissed the palm of his father and mother-in-law's hand

Not long after, the mother asked them a question that made them anxious.

"Where's Rivan? Can I see him?" asked the mother.

"Emm. Erm. Look, ma'am. Rivan just sleept in his room. His cough hasn't recovered yet" replied Lusi.

"Have you been taken him to the doctor?" asked the mother again.

"Yes, ma'am. But the cough still recurred two days ago," replied Lusi.

Lusi's mother looked at Dirman, this time with a slight frown in his head.

"Dirman, haven't you stopped smoking?" A simple question but striking into Dirman's feelings like a ball rushing straightly to his heart.

"Sorry, ma'am. Not yet," answered Dirman awkwardly.

"Dirman, if you can't stop smoking for now, at least don't smoke near your son" replied his father-in-law, which made Dirman felt even more guilty.

"If you can stop, then just don't smoke near Rivan. What's so good about smoking, son? It's not good for your health and your family too" advised her mother-in-law.

"Yes, sir, ma'am. I'm sorry," said Dirman with a tone of voice that slightly regretted his actions so far.

"Real action is more important than just saying sorry, son," said his mother-in-law.

Seeing Dirman who felt blamed by his parents' words, Lusi then shifted the conversation to another topic.

"Hmm. Father, Mother, how about we come in to the house first? Lusi wants to cook sautéed kale and tuna, your favorite food" persuaded Lusi, breaking the tense atmosphere.

"Wow, it's delicious. How come you know that we haven't had our breakfast" said the father.

"Of course, I am your daughter anyway. Hehehe," said Lusi cheerfully.

Professor Mirza and his wife, doctor Lina, who is none other than Dirman's father-in-law, then went into the house with Lusi.

Dirman's father-in-law is an important person in his work environment. Professor Mirza is the Rector of Siupala University, Malang, the place where Dirman completed his undergraduate studies and master studies, currently. His mother-in-law, Lina is a senior doctor at a hospital owned by the central government in Malang.

While waiting for Lusi to cook, Professor Mirza read the newspaper in the living room. Meanwhile, Doctor Lina took the initiative to check her grandson's health condition in the room.

"Dirman, please accompany me to Rivan's room. I want to check his condition" she asked that made Dirman nervous again.

"Let me take you to his room, then" said Dirman.

"If there is anything bad about Rivan's condition. Surely, I will be scolded. Duh, why does she have to check Rivan's health condition," complained Dirman with himself.

Dirman's feelings were getting tense now, especially when his mother-in-law sat beside Rivan who was still sleeping.

"Dirman, please get me my medics tools that I left in the car," ordered Doctor Lina.

"Alright, ma'am," said Dirman haltingly.

Dirman got his mother-in-law's medics tool in the car while waiting the time for further judgment from his in-laws if Rivan's condition did not go well.

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