Chapter 3 : Break Engagement

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Chapter 3 : Break Engagement

The road to Want Sect was well built at Zon village, the gate stands with two guards Mortal stage 1, two elder Mortal stages 3 waits near the gate for the coming event. Few horses running closer to Wan Sect, ten-man Mortal stage 4 and one female Mortal stage 3, with steady, proud, full equipped.

Get down from the horse, walking slowly through the gate, the lady uses red cloth, short skirt show white skin, her black hair long shine, charm to all disciple Wan Sect, ten elder the bodyguards follow behind. The Curt Sect was the stronger powerhouse at Zon village, two Mortal stages 5, twenty Mortal stages 4, thirty Mortal stages 3, forty Mortal stages 2, sixty Mortal stages 1.

Two elder greet lady from Curt Sect, "welcome to Wan Sect, young miss." Elder Wan Sect honors no longer high like in the past, meeting another Sect at the gate was disciple duty, not a high member. "This way young miss, we arrange everything for your arrival." Hall meeting for elder Wan Sect was changing a bit, vase flower everywhere fills the room more lively with a different color.

Guarding the front door, left and right was outer core disciple, Mortal stage 2, Chelly was a pleasure from the service, she enters the hall room. The leader and all elder Wan Sect stand from a chair at left, "Take a sit young miss." While Curt Sect at the right chair, they want to sit, but one elder sees all people from Wan Sect and asking with high vocal. "Where Xiao Wan, did you all not prepare well?" Don't you know, we are come from far away, wasting energy and time to see your little Sect.

Leader Wan Sect enraged, "You! Sigh! Calm down, wait a moment please, we prepare delicious breakfast today and good tea" he knows, Wan Sect no longer a great power, so he composes himself. 

"Elder takes a sit, we wait for a while." Young miss voice, stop the elder action further. Chelly starts eating some food, the room atmosphere changes drastically from silent. Drink some tea with variant herb, sugar, and honey, after chit-chats an hour, two hours, six-hour.

"Where the hell that brat, all of you playing with us?" The sound of young miss very angry, she didn't care about her face anymore. Although she has many faces, one of them was a young miss Curt Sect, who choose to be a core disciple at Zon town, if good progress, she can be a core disciple at Zon city, the last one to be core disciple at Zon nation before ascension to the ninth realm from the tenth realm.

One servant of Wan Sect, come to hall room, with hurry he kneels down, can't speak because afraid. Trembling, "M... Master."

Before leader Wan Sect wanna speak, he cut down by another voice. "Why are you blabbering, just say the crap." Young miss tone anger makes the servant fear, he speaks with difficulty. "Miss, young master Xiao Wan can't be found in his room." 

The Hall heat change to the new high atmosphere from the morning to this afternoon, all elder Curt Sect look fierce like hungry people, even their stomach already full from the breakfast, all gone to the abyss.

Chelly, Curt Sect young miss take out a scroll engagement between two Sect to Wan Sect, she doesn't want to wait any longer, wasting time here same like waste cultivation progress. "This is a contract engagement between two Sect, I will cancel it. From today onwards, we no longer have relations."

Leader Wan Sect doesn't know what to do, their opportunity to have great power like the past through wedding between Wan Sect young master and Curt Sect young miss was missing. "Young miss, would you reconsider again, our relations from two Sect was very good in history."

Chelly was very firm, in her decision. "This is a token of relations, a pill to get Mortal stage 3, don't ever think about contract engagement, your young master not equal to me, even he's afraid to talk face-to-face, no matter his father still alive, I will reject " Throw pill like trash, she left Wan Sect hall.

All elder Wan Sect sigh, "leader this is the most humiliation in the history of our Sect, that junk must be expelled to gain our honor." One to ten elders starting to talk to each other, their voting was the most powerful then-leader Wan Sect, they united not against other Sect, but to rampage own people.

Leader Wan Sect actually was a puppet of all elder, uncle Xiao Wan become a leader because of luck and very happy knowing the former leader die that time. The hatred because leader position continues, until now and become a habit. Even Xiao Wan weak, can't cultivate, his uncle Lee Wan wants to make Xiao life horrible than death.

The sunshine on warm weather, black cloud around Wan Sect, not evening yet. The portal opens, Xiao Wan room becomes cold, he walks out of the portal. "I'm back, time to meet the lady, left a message order to Nin guild, buy food and beverage then place them at storage." The plan was set, while he walking to the Hall room meeting.

Through the training yard, all disciples see Xiao Wan walk. "Looks that junk still brave to show up, he maybe doesn't want to leave anymore. No, he will make our Sect rise to hell." They're talking a lot, ridicule, laugh at him, but he doesn't concern them.

Xiao Wan looking everywhere in the hall room, but there isn't see a lady. "Where young miss from the Curt Sect, is she not come today?" He is so calm, sits on the right chair, enjoys some food and tea. Everyone sees him with anger, intends to kill him immediately.

"Good! Good! Nice entertainment, the young master was great indeed." One of the elders talk shit to Xiao Wan, punishment verbal was the most painful before physic. All elder sneer and disgusting him, try to make an action. "Kneel right now, do you not know the rule?"

"Why I must kneel, what rule? Even I'm not a disciple, can't cultivate." Xiao Wan doesn't want a hard way to deal with, although his power already has mortal stage 10, wipe out an entire Sect was very easy, but he didn't do that. Soon destruction will come to the cultivation world, survival of the fittest will annihilation them by nature, not him.

Elder 1 take a move, mortal stage 4 run to Xiao Wan with a kick, but stop after hear the leader voice. "Hold! Behave elder 1, your anger can't solve the problem." Leader Wan Sect has another idea to make Xiao Wan don't know how to live anymore, between heaven and hell. The smile on his face like wise man on history, Lee Wan's uncle acting like truly loves his nephew. "Your contract engagement was unsuccessful, Curt Sect young miss already left."

Xiao Wan understand the leader Wan Sect, his uncle play the game very well, he was very curious, intended to play as a professional gamer. "Yes leader it's okay, I'm sorry came late, even without the help from others, our Sect will flourish, gain a new high level in history, fresh era born because a good vision in the future. One day their Sect will need us, kneel down after knowing the truth." He chuckled, everyone must be not believed. 

"Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes … the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo. … You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things. … They push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."

Leader and all elder Wan Sect feel that young master must be crazy, laugh and shame the same time. "Sect leader, we already vote, Xiao Wan will take a position as a servant, no longer young master Wan Sect." This decision like expelling someone with a soft way, mentally ill will make their Sect disperse. "One hundred percent agree to the results of all elder, if my nephew doesn't want to be this way, he must go out from the Sect." The line with weak blood must be cut early from their Sect, they want to make excuse to the public, that Wan Sect no longer have a relation with Xiao Wan.

Servant Xiao doesn't mad, he was pleased and happy. "Thanks to uncle and all elder, Xiao Wan will work harder." The situation at Wan Sect will be watching every day by him, starting from tomorrow, he will have a new job. Wash the dishes, clean the floors, and others in the kitchen.

The hall room weather change, uncle Lee node. "If you love Wan Sect a lot, you don't need until married the Sect." Leader Wan Sect thinking forward about his nephew, no more shame, restart with good line of blood was the best choice. "Follow him, report anything that he will do." His uncle gives orders to the outer disciple, gathering all information about Xiao Wan activity.

Walk to the mountains, near Wan Sect back yard, Xiao Wan left the Sect and disappeared using stealth mode. "I must go to the restaurant, fake attack his subordinate." He wants to test their attitude and experience through battle, as an individual or team, Xiao Wan will train them.

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