Chapter 6 : Alchemy Guild

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Chapter 6 : Alchemy Guild

The Receiptor Herb Union was the alchemy shop the only one Zon village established, even in the tenth realm their take control over pill distribution, not just the village, the Town, the city, and the Nation. Everyone wants to make connections with the alchemy grandmaster, some lick their foot, some pay numerous gold, some exchange with the body just for a pill. If they don't satisfy consumers, they just don't sell it, make execute that the herb was hard to find. The buyer was a king, the seller was a servant no longer ruler the pill market idiom.Younger cultivator the most people who want join the alchemy Guild, be an apprentice or just some servant to find the herb.

This morning, there's an event to choose the new leader of the receptor Herb Union, because the ex-leader was promoted in Zon Town, to become elder Alchemy master. In fact, his duty was an errand. Pill maker in Zon village only for Mortal stage 1 and Mortal stage 2, out of that was rare. Zon Town can acquire a pill Mortal stage 3 and Mortal stage 4, Zon City facilitated a pill Mortal stage 5 and Mortal stage 6, Zon Nation has two kingdoms that gain a pill Mortal stage 7 until Mortal stage 10. History to produce some genius, actually was a political, some joint big Sect to accommodate free pill, some just get lucky.

The voting started, all elder of the Receiptor Herb Union choose them self, five people from ten members pick elder 1, three people appoint elder 2, the other two was absent. The nominated of course the leader 1, although their only Mortal stage 2, the skill in Alchemy was number one. After the election, the leader starts the meeting. The problem that Curt Sect have may be rumors, that need a lot of health pills. Our stock doesn't meet what they require, if we reject this opportunity the results will give a bad name to the Receiptor Herb Union. Another was some Potion that stranger women sell, the impurity was amazing one hundred percent perfect, even just for Mortal stage 1. They tried to dilute back the Potion, to know the ingredients, but fail out come. While longevity Potion for promotion ex-leader, get a new job by luck. They want to know the mysterious woman's background, how come an expert shows up at the tiny place.

Elder 2 give some report, although before the election they were like an enemy, the professional was their motto, back to work as a team. "Leader, there's an invitation from Nin Guild, they sell some Potion at the restaurant. Maybe they are from the same group, their products need permission from us." The information like treasure to them, greedy as a nature personal. Tracking transaction herb, they find the location of the restaurant, Nin Guild.

The leader concern that as a mountain of gold, smiles indifferently shows his fang. "If they don't want cooperation, stop send ingredients, tell them sixty percent of the sale was tax from the government." They use the name of Nation as the last card, actually the money was to keep by them self.

Some elder think, to make the plan successful, must send some elder there. "Leader, we can't just send a letter, but some personnel of our Receiptor Herb Union to go the restaurant." The army alchemy Guild has a squad like three powerhouse Sect in Zon village, two Mortal stages 5, twenty Mortal stages 4, thirty Mortal stages 3, forty Mortal stages 2, sixty Mortal stages 1, the position of Mortal stage just for a guard.

Well appointment decided, the leader rule another. "Bring ten guard Mortal stage 4, one elder Alchemy to represent us." He thinks the restaurant already within his grasp, the elder 10 that choose to be sent a journey there make a rejection. "Leader, what if they don't want cooperation with us?"

"If they don't want with soft way, add some persuasive first, we will give anything they want. If some of them were the Alchemy grandmaster, have a living with us, an act to kidnap with an easy way to jail him." Stealing the skill to create Potion, if the Alchemy grandmaster exists.

Rumor say, the restaurant has many virgin maids, young female, pretty and sexy, take one of two was a pleasure. All elder thinking like a pirate, saliva running down from their lips. Although all elder was old, sixty to sixty-five, their "brother" still seventeen years old. They love games, blindfolded the girls and tie at the bed, after that everyone can join the party. Young women didn't know for the first, why one person has four hands at her body, feel angry, sad, but at last she arouses horniness and desires more.

Some girls were promised by pill, real ingredients but add some aphrodisiac, this drug use for a busy family that hard to make love, husband or wife use the drug to climax each other. Her cultivation indeed rises with intentions to make other satisfied, feel hot all over the body, open the cloth fast till elder excited and start kiss on lips, down to sensitivity area, few add honey below the face to gain sweetness, his tongue lick her slowly move the body up and down.

Mostly the Receiptor Herb Union elder dislikes prostitute or streetwalker, not clean and don't have purity. Some challenge to them to get with a woman that already married, her husband was pleased because of some pill for cultivation or health. Her husband's trick was to play them self first, the elder joins from the back, she didn't know the difference between her man or other people. Special occasion for women that have a baby, add some bonus one more pill as a gift. Breastfeeding was the most important to them, nutrition like vitamin water they think, the elder suck left and right, the cloth was wet because so many drops like the weather start the rain.

The woman who has a bad attitude uses every hole by an elder, in the front and her back body, adds some at the mouth. If a young woman or young wife gets addicted, they back hurry to the elder without permission her husband or their parents. Some wife and daughter are on their list. Getting both of them was luxurious, one at the top while the other kissing the elder. For the first was to threaten her daughter's illness, the requirements for rare herb was expensive. Her mother still young, around thirty-five years old, her skin and body like a young miss, soft and curve with mature two mountain as size as 36c, her daughter was 36b at the age seventeen. The young mother was afraid her daughter will pass away, if not cure fast and she didn't tell the family or husband. Enter the room of elder, her daughter lying down at bed get some sleeping pill, while her mother ready to service the old man, he opens her cloth slowly one by one, kissing all over her face and longer between their lips, touch the mountain while massaging that two jelly, suck it until her moan clear on elder's ear. Penetration the more sensitive place at the bottom mountain, the old man tongue lick was different from her husband, he was expert after all, much experience with so many women.

The young mother opens her mouth to suck the old man bird, deep to throat forward and backward until the bird size bigger, the elder style like a woman on top to pleasure her, he put the right hand on the mountain, the left hand touch her butt, massage that area and squeeze, the young mother move up down slowly, the rhythm move to fast for an hour, back to slow the elder kiss her with tongue lick each other. The vibration starts both of them, old man doesn't want to come outside, inside her for the climax to sounding the room with a scream, ahhhhh.

The old man does not rest even a second, he checked the condition of the young girl while her mother sleeps tired. His hand touches the pulse on her heart, transparent white cloth shows two mountains. The bird was down from exhaustion back energetic after see that, he starts grape the fruit like a balloon and kisses her pretty face, sharp nose combined with pink lips, the second round for elder to think, woman on top style not available because she still sleeping. Open wide her leg, sucking like new taste variant food, from the lips, the fruit, and a small forest. He didn't want the tag team for help because old stamina, like the hungry wolf to eat the prey, she was a virgin and hard to enter for the first time. Very tight for the bird elder, but he was so happy. All elder of the Receiptor Herb Union remember that experience, new target was on their eyes that restaurant have many young pretty maids 

Ceremony validation the new leader to function well, the representative from Zon Town will come, but they waiting from the morning, still didn't come. This is good for the vassal Alchemy Guild in Zon village, it means they don't know anything about Potion, just random lucky woman find a few Potion.

The meeting was dismissed, all elder the Receiptor Herb Union back to their own duty, some make a pill for consumer, some just research, some continue to dilute the Potion and failure as always. The Potion was different level from the cultivation world, without the system no one knows how to make it, even in the hundred years.

Acting leader the Receiptor Herb Union from Zon Town actually came, he skips the ritual for the new leader to hang out at the restaurant. All plan made by the elder become dream, if they know, big hope come with big disappointed.

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