So sick

I looked at the boy, whom I now know as Caleb, “Yes.” He answered, licking at his ice cream.

“Don’t do this next time. Aunt Anna is looking for you, she’s worried," he said coolly.

“You know each other?” I asked Eion, to which he ignored as he picked up the little kid in his arms. Now that they are both beside each other, I had a quick overlook. They have both green eyes, but their attitudes were miles apart. Now that I think about it, the little kid looks familiar. 

Oh right! He was one of the kids playing with Nathan at Aunt Maggie's. Maybe he is Eion’s brother? Or cousin?

"Do you know each other? Is she your girlfriend? She's very pretty," Caleb asked Eion. I almost gagged at that. Him? My boyfriend?

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