He brought his lips to her forehead, she was a little bit conscious, "I love you, Fiona.., I love you", he whispered against her forehead.

He would have said this longer, but he didn't understand the feeling that always consumed his chest whenever he was with her and he didn't trust her reaction, so he decided not to say anything.

Today was just so different, he could not hold back again.

Fiona smiled although he didn't see it as she snuggled closer to him on the bed, he wrapped his arms possessively around her waist and ohhh God!!!, she loved the feeling of him holding her so tight and possessively like though he was afraid to let her go.

And yes, he was so afraid to let go of her.

In the very early hours of the morning around 2:00 am, Fiona woke up to go and release herself off in the restroom, Khalids' left hand shot out to grab her back, he wasn't fully awake but he noticed when the bed

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