"You like being the center of my world right?, Like making me become worried over nothing, always making me to act like a teenager who has no control over his hormones, is that it?.

That's all you want and I am so glad for you that you have been getting all you wished for, now if you would tell me why you have been ditching me", his tone changed.

She had been limp from him touching her, suddenly she could not speak, she could only stare at those delicious sensual lips of his while they opened and closed.

"You can't talk?", he quirked the side of his lips upwards.

"I am, I can, you would have told me you planned all these out with Mrs Margaret, and I was a little dumb and foolish for not knowing why she would suddenly send me to your reading room, something she has never done before", she replied in an almost throaty voice.

"She told you to help her clean up because you asked her if there was any other

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