Author: Patricia Jane



"He parted her thighs, ohhh that fragrance, she smelt too nice of lavender and honey.

He never thought a woman would smell as nice as this, he thought if she could smell like this her taste will be heavenly.

He couldn't wait no longer as he dipped down his head, searching for her warmth his nose nuzzled her warmth.

He parted his lips as he stuck out his tongue searching for her innermost warmth, he loved this woman, he loved how responsive she is under him.

This woman under him feels so innocence under him as she bucked her hips up to meet his tongue out thrust.

She gyrated her hips and her legs wounded involuntarily over his neck"


He woke up and muttered a curse. Why does she keep haunting him, in his dreams, his work, whenever he feels like he's getting over her, when he tries to close his eyes.

He looked down the slit of his underthings, he was painfully aroused, and fuck he was damn wet.

He needed to take care of this, he stood up from the bed, removed his underthings and went straight to the bathroom.


He let the water Cascade over him down to his shaft,he swore he won't let something like this happen to him, he was painfully aroused.

He held his shaft, poured a handful of his hair oil in his hands and rubbed it on his shaft, slowly he drew his hand up and down his shaft while a muttered a gothic curse, from the tip to the base, and from the base to the tip...." F*ck, this feels not so good, uhmm...... Ouch...owwwwww.....he let the pleasure take over him".

He stroked himself faster, the head of his dick was engorged, the pleasure was a painful one, the handful of oil he had collected wasn't enough.

He added more oil and rubbed it from the tip of his dick down to the base, and to his shaft.

He growled,"uhmmmmmmm, fuck yeah fuck, ahhhhhhh, uhhhhh, damnn", he was enraged as he couldn't climax immediately.

He went on his knees, he squeezed the head of his dick roughly, out of frustration.

"Damn, that girl was hot", he thought.

""" He imagined thrusting into her slowly.

He brought his dick to her inner thighs, he gently spread her legs wide apart.

He came between it, he lowered his dick between her thighs, he used his dick to smack her clit.

She shivered, on impulse she wanted to flee, but he used his both hands and pinned them up above her head.

He kept taunting her with his dick, by continuously slapping her clit with his dick.

He used his other hand to finger her, she was writhing furiously under him.

He grinned wickedly as he saw how ready she was for him, he ripped his hand into her vagina, soaked his hand with her cum and brought it to his lips.

He suckled lovingly on his hand, as he growled on how sweet she tastes, he bent his head and captured his lips with hers.

He wanted her to taste herself in his mouth, he couldn't take it anymore as with one powerful thrust he came into her.

With one powerful thrust he came in her, he filled her with his warmth", He imagined all these as he stroked himself.

While he came, he released on his hands, "ohhhhhhhhhh, uhmmmm, allaaaaahhh""". He sunk down on the floor.

He swore he doesn't have to keep torturing himself like this.


A knock came from the door," who disturbs my peace this ungodly hour of the day, go away!!!!" He said.

"Master please someone came looking for you" Dargok his personal bodyguard said.* He said it's important whereas it's your best friend Khalid"

He chuckled as he remembered how he fooled his best friend in the last outing they went out for, "what are you waiting for Dargok!!?, Let him in"

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