260 – Even if the Mind Forgets, the Soul Remembers (2)

260 – Even if the Mind Forgets, the Soul Remembers (2)

“Where the hell am---"


Feeling the sharp wind headed his way, Ye Mo did not even had time to flinch as he rolled out of its path on instinct. Bloody mud covered his body, but he paid that no attention as he grabbed the weapon nearest him—a sword with a broken blade---probably a remnant of one of the fallen soldiers on the battlefield.

“Eurachaaaaa!” he heard someone bellow furiously, and he felt another attack coming towards his back.

Behind Ye Mo stood a warrior that looked way too large and hairy to be considered human, rock hard muscles bulging underneath its soft leather armor.

Ye Mo’s body moved on its own, perfectly receiving the enemy’s sword as he parried the attack. He was bewildered by what was happening, but he wasn’t in a good position to worry about useless thoughts when his life could be r

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